Why the death of a fetus, Causes of fetal death in third trimester, Intrauterine fetal death, Intrauterine fetal death management, Dead fetus in womb complications

Why the Fetal death | womb complications

What is the causes of fetal death in third or any trimester-

Why the death of a fetus, Causes of fetal death in third trimester, Intrauterine fetal death, Intrauterine fetal death management, Dead fetus in womb complications
Why the death of a fetus| womb complications

[Fetal death, Why the death of a fetus, Causes of fetal death in third trimester, Intrauterine fetal death, Intrauterine fetal death management, Dead fetus in womb complications]

The baby is raised for about 36 weeks or 9 months in the uterus. In the womb, the death of the baby has been divided into three parts in terms of duration and its development-

  1. In the first 20 weeks, the weight of the fetus is 500 grams or less. In this period, pregnancy defines death as early pregnancy.
  2. Intermediate fetal death is between 20 to 27 weeks or 501 to 1000 grams of pregnancy.
  3. While delays occur in the womb of pregnancy, pregnancy with 28 weeks or more of the pregnancy occurs. At this time the weight of pride is more than 1000 and the length is 35 cm or more.

Early and intermediate fetal deaths are called abortions. Here we are providing information on the development of pregnancy for 28 weeks.

Proper nutrition and delivery of pregnancy, pride, this is the normal functioning of a woman. The meaning of motherhood is in the efficient edification of these tasks. The unarmed lust of the woman to become a mother is fulfilled in this way.


This bizarre arrangement of nature is simple, intuitive and natural. For the purpose of this purpose, there are physical, mental, psychological and endocrine changes.

Now if a pregnant woman nurtured her infant in the womb for 28 weeks with great earning and the infant had died within the womb due to an odd reason.

Sadness Because of Fetal Death

Just imagine, did not the mountain of sadness break on him?

How sweet dreams she was waiting for delivery?

In the middle of the road, his dreams became shattered. It is obvious that he feels mental trauma.  Sometimes it happens to the plight of his body. Such a complicated situation is not the same, while the doctor is shocked by it.

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Due to this, the uterus has two aspects of the death of the baby and both are important. One child died and the condition of a woman who became the second mother was spoiled.


The doctor decides by keeping both aspects in mind. If the therapist decides to reach the conclusion that the infant has passed, then he takes special care of the mother’s safety.

Sometimes there is some doubt in the death of a fetus, the doctor tries to deliver the childhood in this skill that both the child is safe and secure. Many times there is such a complicated condition that the mother’s plight is not handled. Then all possible efforts have to be made to protect her. In this way, the death of a fetus is a great challenge for physicians.

The people from whom the pregnant infant remains in danger of death.

“Toxemia” of the conception – It increases the blood pressure of the pregnant, swelling of the feet, urinary disorders.  Pregnant may become unconscious, she may have seizures.

  •  High blood pressure during delivery or high blood pressure for any reason.
  • Fierce malnutrition, heavy hypersensitivity.
  •  Excessive bleeding before prenatal.
  • Pregnant kidney diseases.


  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic infection, and “Toxoplasmosis”.
  • Syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes.
  •  Infant’s physical disability, Infant’s “Postmaturity pregnancy” Disorder.
  •  Infant’s blood defects and congenital defects.
  •  Husband’s wife’s blood group’s inequality.

Even then 50% of cases remain indecision. In the case of women who became pregnant for the first time, neglect of experienced mothers is more complex. The lack of experience, lack of experience and hesitation.

Actually, such women do not even understand what to say, then what to say?


Otherwise, the experienced mother knows that the baby rotates in the stomach. If his walking is stopped, he has to discuss in his family so that he can be reached to the hospital.

But the woman who has been pregnant for the first time makes it difficult to understand all this. Many times pregnant women also do not understand the state of the situation. They did not know the difference between the child’s movements or slowing or shutting down.

Keep pregnant yourself in account of pregnancy activity.

Yes, your own child is active in the uterus. He busts, moves, or swirls. This is also called ” quickening of baby “. Prepare a date wise chart that you do. You should take care of your child’s movement from 9:00 in the morning.

After 9:00 AM, whenever you think that the baby shakes, then count it one. Write it in the chart. Similarly, you have to count two, three or ten. Whenever there are up to ten numbers, stop counting, today’s testing is over.

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Now you have to repeat this way in a similar way. This is called a “count to 10” test.  If you can not count the number of up to ten consecutive days, meet the doctor and tell them.

If a mother understands the “Count to ten” test one time and she honestly and wisely checks her child, then this experiment is very simple and reliable. There is a great need to popularize this test in our country.

Death is not declared without X-ray, Ultrasonography and other tests in the case of the death of a fetus. The doctor should do so carefully and carefully. In such cases many times the childbirth is done automatically.

Otherwise, arrangements for delivery of pain are arranged. First medicines, ordinary tools are used and waiting. Otherwise, surgical procedures have to be done.

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