Why Delay In Dealing With COVID-19
Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus

Why Delay In Dealing With COVID-19

The rising outbreak of CoronaVirus is causing a stir around the world

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“Why Delay In Dealing With COVID-19,” Most people ask this question. The growing outbreak of Coronavirus is creating a stir in the public, especially in the global financial market. So, we are going to discuss “Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus“. This is not only obstructing the supply chain but is forcing every major and the smallest company to work from home.

There is also a ban on business travel. In late January, Chinese scientists in Shanghai released a completely sequenced picture of the genome of the coronavirus. Which was causing havoc in the province of Hibi quite rapidly.

Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus
Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus

And here is the race to find a cure for coronavirus. With the vaccine in government laboratories, as well as in many truck companies, the US is running at a speed never seen before.

However, it may take at least one to one and a half years to make this vaccine. So that it can reach all over the world on a large scale. The vaccine has become a big market for pharmaceutical companies.

Scientists and researchers no longer offer this vaccine for free. The way we used to give polio. The vaccine industry has now become a $ 35 million market. Many established diseases such as polio, measles, hepatitis; There is a strong and stable demand for all of these. Because of which it can be very difficult to make vaccines for emerging epidemics.

The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures they create customers

Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus
Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus.?

The sad thing is that this business model does not matter much to investors in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many reasons for this – it is not a long-lasting disease. So that companies benefit more. This medicine is used for a short duration.

So that we can eradicate it if we are struggling with any problem. Because of which making medicines or vaccines for these emergency epidemics does not prove to be a profitable business. Apart from this, we can say that it becomes difficult to deal with these diseases.

For example- The Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is developed in chickens’ eggs. Yes, this process has been followed for almost 70 years. It also has to be recognized that this process takes a long time. And it is not as reliable compared to new processes. In which cells and vaccines are incubated, not eggs are incubated. In more than 100 countries, more than 100 influenza centers monitor flu disease year-round. And recommend how to make this flu vaccine for the season.

Research government agencies such as the “Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority” ie BARDA are promoting the integration of emergency vaccination. So that Flu Shot is giving Grand of Million Dollars to a company like BARDA, Sanofi.

So that they managed to make a flu vaccine using recombinant DNA, not using chicken X. One of the main functions of BARDA is to help develop the market for drug companies. So that these companies can produce vaccines from BARDA money for emerging epidemics. In late January 2020, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar declared an emergency due to the coronavirus.

Snow Feet and Johnson & Johnson, the firm expanded its partnership

BARDA expanded its partnership by joining hands with ‘Snow Feet’ and ‘Johnson & Johnson Company‘. So that the vaccine can be developed to deal with the coronavirus. At the same time, an international company named “Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations” means CEPI.

Which draws support from the government of Germany, Japan, and Norway through ‘Bill’ and ‘Melinda Gates Foundation‘. CEPI is also contributing to the Coronavirus vaccine. It is a new-cummer in the global vaccine community compared to other companies.

It was born in 2017 to accelerate the process of vaccine development and the company has so far invested 23 points 7 million dollars in developing the coronavirus vaccine and plans to invest a total of $ 100 million.

So that the vaccine (clinical trials) of the candidate can reach the initial stage of field trials. Oslo-based global solution company says 2 billion will be needed to fully develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Is the coronavirus disease the same as SARS?

Many biotech companies that have been engaged in vaccines and various treatments for a long time have already established a health state for themselves, they are two steps ahead now because many such respiratory systems, born in SARS and the Middle East, have Antidote diseases, which are already part of the Coronavirus family.

Their fight against them starts long back
In this case, the introduction of biotech firm Moderna has been very promising. They are using new technology to develop a vaccine candidate named Messenger RNA or mRNA.

This drug company has even started taking its medicines to the national health authorities. This person has been designed in collaboration with the National Institute of Energy and Infectious Diseases.

When the Genetics sequence of the coronavirus was decoded by Chinese scientists in January 2020, Moderna held a record in the drug market due to the rapid development of its vaccine candidate. Own mRNA Using the technology, Moderna took just 42 days when genomes of the coronavirus were sequenced. For comparison, it took almost 20 months to make this vaccine which was to be used in the human testing phase. Moderna is set to begin human trials of this vaccine on a small scale during the 2002 SARS outbreak soon.

Seattle, Washington, Russia, The US, which is the center of the coronavirus outbreak in America

Johnson & Johnson Company is also second to none in this race. The company is working on a possible treatment with Barda. But it also stands in the line of making a vaccine. Corona is trying to carry out its work by using the inactive version of the virus.

As mentioned earlier, Sanofi is also engaged in the development of a coronavirus vaccine in collaboration with the “Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority” ie BARDA. It has a project under which it will be ready for the general public by testing a vaccine candidate in a lab within 6 months and one and a half years.

Approval Process of Vaccine and Medicine (COVID-19)

But yes, it can also happen, its approval time is 3 years away from today. Because ‘Innovation Forms Chemicals’ partnered with a Chinese company. It was called Beijing at Vice and Biotechnology. Its purpose is to increase the speed of making its own DNA vaccine. It also initially received a grand $ 9 million from Coalition.

To prepare and fight against such epidemics. Inovio is using the same technology for the Coronavirus vaccine as they did during the DNA vaccine. Against Respiratory Syndrome arising from the Middle East.

Currently, no vaccine has been applied for use by humans. Doctors and health experts have tried to match the vaccine’s expectations.

Having said that even though this phase is over early, it can take months to review the results, review them and get the vaccine to the public. Even many years. (At least 18 months) Everyone in the world is engaged in this competition. Faster hands and feet, if there is any treatment for a disease like a corona.

Corona Virus Origin (COVID-19) & Related FAQ

And we hope that the treatment will come before the vaccine.
According to WHO, a pharmaceutical company named ‘Kilit’ has proved to be the most promising. Its drug, which is named ‘Rem Desiville’, is being tested in Wuhan as Already.

Which is the main center of the outbreak in China? At the same time, ‘Gillit‘ is doubling its grip in other countries as well. For example, with every passing day on a compassionate basis in the US, the pressure of making every coronavirus vaccine is increasing.

Because every time someone in some corner of the world is ill, someone is losing his life. But working in such a hurry is also a big risk. Many companies want to trial their vaccine directly on humans. Not by testing animals on labs. To make a completely secure determination about them. Its effect can lead to an immune hormone.

Due to which serious and dangerous diseases can engulf the human body. Reuters which is a leading truck company. They have called for fast tests and tracking of the coronavirus. This thing has been advocated before the WHO. During a closed-door meeting.

After discussing- “Why Delay In Dealing With COVID-19” these questions arises in front of health officials.

Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus
Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus

No. one- Whether the decisions taken in such haste and the purpose of the tests will prove to be right for human life or not.
The second question is – will this world be able to stop the dreaded coronavirus disease from this termite?
3. Will we come under conditions like sick for many years or without any disease.

4. The fourth question is again the same, Why Delay In Dealing With CoronaVirus disease?


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