injury treatment, suddenly injury, tetanus, tetanus toxoid

When suddenly there is more injury

injury treatment, suddenly injury, tetanus, tetanus toxoid
When Suddenly There Is More Injury

( Injury treatment, suddenly injury, tetanus, tetanus toxoid )

All of us are hurt in our daily life, but many times when we are being ignorant of injuries, we do some such treatment, that there is a loss of place instead of profit.

So take care of some basics on this subject. Whom we will talk about:

Tetanus / immunization-

There is a misconception among the common people that tetanus is caused by a rust of rust. Here I would like to clarify that tetanus can be caused by any wound.

Whether it is tetanus due to iron or some other thing. For the protection of mother and newborn, tetanus vaccine is given to pregnant women in the seventh and eighth month of sixth.

Or we can say that it is given at a gap of 1-1 months. All of us must complete the tetanus toxoid course for safety from tetanus. Apply the first vaccine of each adult person’s tetanus toxoid today. Take the second injection after 6 weeks.

Apply the last final vaccine after six months of another vaccine. This whole course of three vaccines will prevent the person’s tetanus from the next 5 years.

When the period of 5 years is about to expire, taking only one tetanus toxoid vaccine at that time, the person will be immune to the next 5 years.

The whole course of DTP vaccines provides children with complete protection from tetanus. Children should be given a tetanus toxoid after a last booster of five years.

When the injury is in-

Never massage the injured part (doing so is a small creak of the bone or inflamed lining of the inner muscle or internal blood vessel.)

Do not heat the injury (12 to 24 hours of injury, hot spraying may increase the internal bleeding). Immediately after the injury, ice will be beneficial.

Having fainting after head injuries in the head, being nausea or bleeding from the ear is a sign of its severity, contact the doctor immediately.

If there is more pain in breathing after breathing in the chest or if breathing begins to breathe, then take the doctor’s opinion. It is possible to rupture the crack or factor or lung membrane in the ribs.

Take the inside of the stomach seriously for the first 24 hours. And keep in touch with the doctor, injuries or bleeding in any part of the body is possible.

Pain and inflammation occur frequently after the internal injury of the testicles, but its hot streak is totally prohibited. Because this can adversely affect the reproductive capacity of the male.

When bleeding-

Then tighten the cold water on the injury or keep the cloth tight in the snow. Do not lift the cloth after watching the clock and watch it. By doing so, large bleeding will stop. But here the full patience of 5 minutes is very important.

If there is a wound on the head, do not put any pressure on the right side of the wound. This can increase blood secretion. The bleeding will stop immediately after the wound is pressed with any circular thing like a bangle or cloth.

Never get rubbed on the eye when it comes to injury in the eye or pebbles. Doing this can lead to wounds in the eye. In such a situation, open the eyes in a bowl filled with water, turn it off. By doing so, the thing lying in the eye will be flushed out. Be sure to show the doctor after doing this.

Take facial injury or infection very seriously. Infections around the nose and mouth can take serious mode. Therefore, it is necessary for the doctor to take opinion.

The wound on the knee or any joint will fill the wound only when the walking will stop. And will rest completely; Or else, spreading the muscles of the muscles by walking again puts in the process of wound healing.

The wound on the knee or any joint will fill the wound only when the walking will stop. And will rest completely; Or else, spreading the muscles of the muscles by walking again puts in the process of wound healing.

Clean the wounds of the injury on the body with lukewarm water and apply some antiseptic cream to the clean bandage and immediately consult the doctor.

In a message here, “I would like to give readers that there are many such patients. Those who start betnovate cream or any other similar steroid drug on the wound themselves.”

Using this kind of medication can be very fatal in a long time without consulting the physician.


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