What’re Nightfall | 05 Ethical Ways To Control
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What’re Nightfall | 05 Ethical Ways To Control

Nightfall & How To Control or Stop It?

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Nightfall is a very prevalent disease of puberty since ancient times over the world. It is rarely a young man who has never been more or less dreamy or not. Therefore, psychiatrists do not consider this disease as a disease. Because in the beginning, this natural action does not occur more than once or twice a month.

Yes, if any of the more nutritious food is available, then he should not even consider it a disease. If there are more than four times a year of dream loss. If we feel exhausted, weakness, etc. after dreaming, then without worrying about it, finding the cause and reducing it, then the disease gets rid of it forever.

Nightfall is a s3xual disorder disease. The main reason for this is the dream. Why does this happen? There are several reasons for this. For example, in men, semen comes out mostly in young boys.

Dreams are when someone sees wrong s3xual things in sleep. Or watch the wrong video of this type before bed, then the body removes the semen with dreams.

This happens mostly in people who are not s3xually active. Or they lack a partner for s3x. The production of semen, which lasts twenty-four hours a day, lasts for seven days of weeks and makes the semen and goes to store it in the testis and glands. The ability of glands is also limited.

But the production of semen continues. There are three ways to eject semen. The first way, during s3x, second way, if the person’s semen is not coming out in these two ways by masturbation, then in a third way it comes out during dream.

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It is an internal action of the body. When the capacity of semen in the body becomes more than necessary. So he releases the semen with dreams.

Why are people afraid of dreaming? The person feels as if the semen has come out as if the body’s energy has gone out. And weakness will come and illness will occur. Or there will be some physical problem.

Nothing like this happens. It is a natural verb. But when dreaming is more than necessary, it can cause problems. But there are many measures to control it.

Causes of Nightfall or Nightmare

Food Chamber

Cognition or constipation is also a cause of nightfall. Therefore, young people should also take care of abdominal power. Diet for abdominal power should always be devoted and digestive.

Keep in mind that nothing should be eaten without hunger or even hunger. Rather, when you are very hungry, only chew chewing gum and eat only a little less.

Still, if the constipation is not okay then take a spoonful of tripe powder, lukewarm milk, or lukewarm water in the night. In lukewarm water, the syrup of bell powder has proved to be the perfect natural remedy for breaking constipation.

Keep in mind that the more sprouts that are grown in the food, such as mustard, gram, peanut, wheat, raw vegetables, and seasonal fruits, the more nutritious, digestive and constipation preventive food.

How To Control Nightfall or Nightmare | Do Not Sleep Long In The Morning

It has been observed that staying in sleep or sleeping in the morning is one of the biggest causes of wet and bad dream loss. Therefore, for the purpose of reducing nightmare, four o’clock in the summer, and five o’clock in the winter, it should leave the bed.

After this first, make the mouth cleansing and then after defecation, rinse or donut and bath, remember compound exercise, pranayama, and your worship.

By doing compound exercise, blood circulation in the body is intensified. Which makes our body healthier massage therapy is necessary for elation. Pranayam prevents pulse and increases resistance.

The concentration of the brain increases, determination power is awakened, the mind is pure, and semen increases.

Consequently, the dream diodes end with the root. Nightmare prevention is easy, such as Shirshasan, Vajrasana, Padangushasana, Mahavirasan, and Siddasanan.

[ Nightfall, Nightfall in boys, Nightfall meaning, What is nightfall, How to stop nightfall, How to control night fall ]
How to control and stop Nightfall/Nightmare

How to Control Nightfall or Nightmare

When we see or like obscene images, videos, or literature all are the big causes of nightfall, they are lost in those thoughts themselves. And in that state of gold, they are seen as dreams. Since there is no control over the mind on the dream, therefore, incomplete desires begin to feel in the fictional folk in our mind.

As a result, semen ejaculates in reality, that is, if you have a dream due to the above reason, save yourself from pornography, video, literature pornography and pornographic as well as possible.

Result Is Nightmare If Lack of Normal Habitual Activities

In the first evening in any soothing posture, keep the spine straight and close the eyes. As soon as the eyes are closed, the movies of the dreams run asleep. Similarly, in this situation of the awakening stage, there will be many different types of bad ideas.

Here is a ways how to control nightfall Now, look at him with a witness. Avoid any thoughts or try to stop obscene thoughts. Just keep watching, this is the witness’s attention. With this mental relaxation and the subconscious mind becomes quiet.

How To Control Nightfall or Nightmare | Homeopathic Cure

How To Stop Nightfall/Nightmare – Homeopathic Cure

In Ayurveda, there are many intrinsic uses of dream disorders.  As per your convenience and suitability, use one of the above prescriptions with the above four reasons and prevention and take advantage.

Bananas & Honey

Eat a few or two cooked bananas after meals or after a few hours in breakfast, cut two bananas with a knife.  Mix two teaspoons of honey in it and eat it.  Due to this remedy, it help to reduce disease.  By doing this semen increases and its fall and burning stops.

Milk & Some Almond Pieces

Take a bottle of milk, Almond pieces and grind it with fine powder; two or three grams of powders, ten grams of cow’s ghee and six grams of honey mixed with it after drinking a glass of milk after daily lick is beneficial. Due to which the dreaming ends.

Some Surefire Ways to Control Nightfall

A. Daily morning and evening, three to five grams of fresh rose flowers, with lukewarm water, eating with sugar candy and drinking cow’s milk, are helping to stop the disease of dreams.

B. Soak ten grams of ginger in the summer season.  It will flower in the morning. Drink twenty grams of sugar mixed in it.  This recipe brings relief in ten or fifteen days only. Do not use this recipe in winter and rain, otherwise, there may be some other problem.

C. Soak (10 gram) acacia gum, in half a pound of water every night.  After splitting the dough, add (20 gram) sugar candy in it and drink it. The recipe goes through twenty-one days in a dream day.

D. Make a paste of powdered Soft sugar (a type of herb found here in the granary) and keep its powder. Drink two grams of powdered milk while sleeping at night and drink a little water.  Surely go to urinate at night.  This simple remedy does not lead to dream diarrhea.

E. Mixing six grams of sugar candy in three grams of dry gooseberry powder and eating it for two consecutive months, there is no certainty of gonorrhea and dream disorder.

What Causes of Nightfall & Nightmare | How to control nightfall

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