What Is A Heart Attack & 05 Symptoms
Symptoms of Attack

What Is A Heart Attack & 05 Symptoms

Symptoms of Heart Attack, Recognize Your Heart Ache

Heart Attack
Symptoms of Attack

Symptoms of Heart Attack

We will learn about facts related to a heart attack and also know about the symptoms of heart attack, heart disease & Chest pain. Nowadays It becomes a common problem. This can happen to a person of any age, but this simple or minor problem becomes the cause of extreme fear.

Sometimes, ignoring this minor problem, it also becomes deadly by adopting the form of a major disease. So how do you know whether the chest pain is a heart attack or not? Is it necessary to consult a doctor for all types of chest pain?

If chest pain spreads, it can be heartache. If the focus is concentrated in only a small area, then there is less chance of heartache. Heartache remains for a short time, such as from a few minutes to 1 hour or more.

The pain that is going on throughout the day or week is not often related to the heart. Pain like pain, prick, burning, cutting, like teas, does not make sense.

The pain of heartache or heart is felt like pressure, weight, tightness on the chest. If chest pains are accompanied by nervousness, sweating, vomiting, even tiredness, high blood pressure sudden, and urination, then there is a heart attack.

Most patients with heartache feel that it is a life-threatening pain and they will not be able to survive.

This is the specialty of heart pain. When the patient went to see him feeling that now his last time has come, he should be taken to the doctor immediately or to the hospital.

Occasionally there is a possibility of a heart in the upper part of the abdomen or pain in the back, in the mouth, throat pain. So if there is a panic or the patient is sweated, then the heart doctor must definitely go.

As far as age is concerned, Hart’s problems can occur at any age but at least 25 years of age have been seen very little. If there is chest pain in older people, then check all the heart like ECG, etc. should be done.

As you people believe that heartache is in the chest to the left and goes to the left hand always does not happen. Because the pain of spondylosis which is found very common, also arises in the same way.

However, a heart attack is sudden and murderous. If there is a pain in the chest or feeling nervous, then the specialist of the heart must consult together.

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