What Does Heartbeat Say | 05 Panic Disease Indication

What Does Heartbeat Say | 05 Panic Disease Indication

As long as there is life in a man, his heart keeps beating – or rather, as long as a man’s heart stops beating, a man has life. Then when does it become a symptom of some disease?__(heartbeat)

Abnormal Heartbeat | Panic Problems

Every living person has a beating, but when there is a feeling of a heartbeat or in the ears, it starts to be heard in the chest or takes the form of ‘fluttering’ in the chest or ringing like a hammer in the brain.

So when we started to know the heartbeat, then we call it heart disease. Usually, we all feel the beat several times a day, like when we become very happy or nervous, or suddenly we get some very pleasant or sad news.

Our heartbeat is produced by a tiny instrument called the “sinus node” – it is like an electric current. Starting at the sinus node, it spreads through the fine veins throughout the heart.

In this way, the whole heart starts beating and similarly the heart, like a pump, continuously throws blood out of the veins. This blood spreads through the veins throughout the body and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the whole body.

Therefore, if the pulsation stops, the blood attack (flow) in the body will stop. If the beat keeps moving, its speed slows down or becomes too fast, then the work of the heart pump will be messed up.

A beating complaint arises when there is a difference in heart rate. When we see a particular object or person, there is a momentary blockage in the heart rate and suddenly we feel the beat.

The heart rate becomes very fast due to fatigue or fear and makes us nervous. The heartbeat that occurs due to these common causes is most felt in the middle of the chest and some downward or upper abdomen.

Heartbeat is often caused by heart disease. If any valve in the heart is defective, the reverse pumping of the blood causes a lot of pressure on the heart pump and due to this, more pressure is formed in the heart due to which the heartbeat occurs.

When the muscle of the heart becomes weak due to any reason, then the heart speed automatically picks up to keep all the blood in the attack.

Therefore, heart attack or heart valve disease also causes a rapid heartbeat. The pulsator also slows down if there is a malfunction in the sinus node. In heart attack patients, the blood vessels stop, due to which the blood attack in the sinus node also stops and this device worsens.

Apart from this, if the heartbeat that develops in the sinus node spreads throughout the heart, if there is a defect in them, then the heart starts beating.

Many times the patients do not have pain during the round, but only after being complained of beats, they go to the heart doctor who tells them that they have actually had a ‘heart attack’.

The heart block that is interrupted in this way or the difference in speed is called ‘heart block’. The treatment of palpitations is possible only when the cause is found and it is removed from the root.

If the disease is such that it cannot be removed forever, then measures are taken to maintain the heart rate normal.

For this, there are different types of drugs that can slow down the speed and make a slow speed faster. Sometimes drugs do not work, then ‘pacemaker’ means pulsation machine has to be installed.

In addition to an investigation by a cardiologist to find the cause of palpitations, E.C.G., Echocardiography, treadmill test, His bundle electrocardiography, Holter monitoring is done.

After this inspection and examination, it is known that your heartbeat is related to some diseases or not.

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