Vermes Nasi

Vermes Nasi Symptoms | 03 Nasal Worms Cure

Nasal Worms (Vermes Nasi) Symptoms with Cure

(Vermes Nasi, Nasal worms)



In the summer season, insects are produced in the nose due to dirty and not cleaning the nose. The nose smells and blood mixed constipation and worms come out. If not treated the nose, these worms migrate to the brain and other organs.

Cure of Vermes Nasi

03 Nasal Worms Cure
03 Nasal Worms Cure

1 – Mix the 15 ml of turpentine oil in 5 ml prongs of hot water and spray it in the morning. Then take out the insects by tweezers removing all the insects. Put 60 ml alum in 30 ml water and do the atomizer.

2- Put 60 ml alum in 30 ml water and do the spray. After this, remove the insects with fine tweezers, then wipe the boric acid and insert the mysteclin ointments into the nose and insert it inside the nose.

3 – Carbolic acid mixed with 4 ml of water in 150 ml, and wash the nose by the atomizer, Nasal worms will automatically pass out. And the patient will get rest.


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