Uremia Symptoms

Uremia Symptoms | Toxic substances in the urine

Uremia Symptoms, Urine contagious disease, Urine problem symptoms

(Uremia Symptoms, Toxic effect of uremia, Urine bladder disease & Cure, Smell in urine cause, Blood in urine bladder)


When the toxic substance present in the urine somehow reaches the blood, it causes uremia symptoms.

Symptoms such as vertigo, acute pain, sleepiness, intelligence disorder, the smell of urine come from the patient’s flesh, acute fever, transient blindness and deafness, convulsions in the body parts occur, etc.

Urine disease cure

The doctor should make such an effort that the kidneys start the work of produce urine. For this purpose, one should be forced to bathe in place of the kidney and bathe with hot water, the place should be wrapped with a hot sheet so that the patient sweats freely.

A lot of milk should be feeded to the patient.


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