Top most popular search engines

Top most popular search engines

Top Search Engines Other Than Google-

Top most popular search engines in my
Topmost popular search engines in my view

Hey, everyone…! We back again. Today, I will tell you about very popular search engines in the world, so you should visit for finding any informative content.

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10. [United States]

It is a metasearch engine and provides information from leading search engines. This search engine is powered by Bing. Its operated own branded sites, including its flagship metasearch engine, dogpile as well as zoo and web crawler.
Chief Executive officer- Charles Ursini
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 13,500,000
Compete Rank- 378
Quantcast Rank- 877
Alexa Rank- 1,938

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09. [United States]

It was founded as InfoSpace by Naveen Jain in 1996. InfoSpace changed its name into Blucora in the middle of the month 2012.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 24,000,000
Compete Rank- 66
Quantcast Rank- 500
Alexa Rank- 2,110

08. [United States]

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 60,000,000
Compete Rank- 105
Quantcast Rank- 1,124
Alexa Rank- 405

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07. [United States]

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 65,000,000
Compete Rank-100
Quantcast Rank- 759
Alexa Rank- 674

06. [Australia]

It is powered by Bing service.
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 100,000,000
Compete Rank- 20
Quantcast Rank- 26
Alexa Rank- 767

05. [United States]

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 125,000,000
Compete Rank- 250
Quantcast Rank- 240
Alexa Rank- NA

04. [United States]

It is also known as Ask Jeeves & answer engine. So this is focused on E-business founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California.
Chief Executive officer- Douglas Leeds
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 245,000,000
Compete Rank- 14
Quantcast Rank- 31
Alexa Rank- 129

03. [United States]

Chief Yahoo is based on web services and headquarters in Sunnyvale, California and founded by Jerry Yang and David fillo in 1994. Chief Executive officer- Marissa Mayer
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 300,000,000
Compete Rank- *8*
Quantcast Rank- 28
Alexa Rank- NA

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02. [China]

Bing is a web search engine and developed by Microsoft. Chief Executive officer- Steve Ballmer
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 350,000,000
Compete Rank- 5
Quantcast Rank- 19
Alexa Rank- 22

01. [United States]

This is a top search in the world. so it was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were the Ph.D. student in 1998 and served areas worldwide. Chief Executive officer- Sundar Pichai
Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor- 1,100,000,000
Compete Rank- 1
Quantcast Rank- 1
Alexa Rank- 1


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