Tonic can also spoil your health

Vitamins & Tonic can also spoil your health| health and medicine

Tonic can also spoil your health

[tonic, tonic medicine, tonic bar, health tonic, etc can also spoil your health]

In advertisements of newspapers, magazines, and AIR, it is said that tonic is very essential for good health. The result of this is that whenever a person thinks of someone, he takes up the pill and eats it.

But is real tonic all the merge medication?
Does tonic have all the properties that are said to increase in advertisements?

Generally, the body only requires vitamins and mineral salts in small quantities. This requirement is meticulously satisfied by a balanced diet. This requirement increases in general due to certain conditions or disorders.
In such a situation, doctors recommend taking a tonic, such as when pregnancy or stomach worms, giving the starting capsule or vitamins A not appearing properly at night.

This topic should only be taken until the body lacks these elements; When the reduction is complete, it should be closed according to the doctor’s opinion.
But impressive ads are highly praised tonic. Many people who start their own treatment by reading. If someone’s hair starts flicking, nails get cracked fast, do not feel hungry, feel lazy all day or feel heaviness in the body. Then they started taking tonics from friends’ advice or seen.

Some people show tonic more agility than eating food. Such people determine the quantity of tonic and the time taken for themselves. On the instructions of eating a pill a day, the doctor starts two tablets for special benefits. Some private practitioners also offer only colorful vitamins tablets to satisfy the patient psychologically satisfied.

The habit of taking more tonic started from abroad has now spread to India. Vitamin “B” “vitamin” Vitamin “E” calcium and iron tonic are more common in “B” group in India.
Available in the market, in the form of tonic syrup, in the form of capsules or injections.

They also come in different colors and tastes. The amount of nutrients in tonic is much higher than the normal requirement. Because it is made to meet any shortcoming as soon as an iron capsule provides 5 or 10 times more iron than usual requirement.

In the condition of disorders, the tonic is very much contributing to the normalization of the body, but for a healthy body, it can also be waste or harmful.
Vitamin and Vitamin “C” of the “B” group requires the number of soluble vitamins in their body. He takes it through food. The remaining vitamins are expelled from the body by urine.

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Tonic can be wasted when consuming more quantity. Because the body will only accept certain amounts. Collection of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K is in the liver. Therefore, it can also cause disease in the diet. Vitamin A, the excessive consumption of appetite seems less. Symptoms such as annoyance, skin rigidity, blindness in the eyes, hair loss, joints pain, headache, weakening of the bones, liver, and spleen, bigger than normal, etc.

In this situation, it has been seen and then the amount of vitamins is reduced, then this symptom gradually ends. The first signs of an excess of vitamin D are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. Later, there may be a complaint about more urination or urination in the night. If the toxicity increases, then the kidneys or other soft organs can also be damaged. Due to excess Vitamin D calcium may also accumulate in blood vessels or other organs.

By taking iron tonic indiscrimination, iron can accumulate in the liver, lungs or heart. Liver fibers are unable to function and its symptoms are not appetite, nausea, vomiting, and pain. There is a delicate balance between all the elements in the body, especially in vitamins and minerals salts.
If the amount of an element increases by tonic, then this balance can worsen.

And there may be a lack of any other element in her body. So take tonic; But after thinking and consulting the doctor.

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tonic can also spoil your health
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