Think before giving medicine to the child 05
Avoid Giving baby too much medicine

Think before giving medicine to the child 05

Always Avoid Wrong Medicine!

Avoid giving too much medicine to the child.
Avoid giving too much medicine to the child.

In the latter part of this century, the popularity of pharmaceutical drugs has increased wildly. The practice of medicine has become common. Without this, everyday life is not known. Headache, minor discomforts like colic or any complicated disease. Where is life without medicine?

The relationship between disease and medicine is like a Corset. So, Think before giving medicine to the child.

People also use drugs indiscriminately without medical advice. If there is a merger, then you need medicine, if there is no merge, you need medicine. This attitude is not only for ordinary people but also for a large section of educated and intelligent people and doctors.

The millionaires, the promotion and advertising of multinational companies are second to none in showing their game.

This is the reason that the infant child has not suffered at all, what parents have been intent on giving to their beloved. Such parents who are enthusiastic about medicine often visit me.

Actually, due to these reasons, the situation has become that the use of medicines is going on much more than necessary. This has a detrimental effect on the health of children rather than therapeutics.

The following are the basic principles of writing a medicine or its use

  1. The medicine should be used only when necessary, otherwise, it should be decided by the doctor after considering his conscience and the condition and disease of the disease. These decisions should not be taken at the behest of parents or for the promotion of advertisement or any other reason.
  2. The drug should be selected based on safety, effectiveness, and price (cheap). If possible, only medicine is used.
  3. The drug should be taken for a limited time, at the right dose, appropriate frequency. Take as much of the medicine as possible from the mouth. It should not be injected as much as possible.
  4. Not using the medicine when needed is just as wrong as unnecessary intake. The least harmful drug is selected. Over-enthusiasm and over-caliphate are both fatal.
  5. Consumption of harmless medicines like strength tonic, appetite enhancing drugs, vitamin enzymes, etc. is unnecessary. Non-essential medicines for body or health are useless, no matter how important valuable elements are in them.

Fever – Preventive Medicine

Fever complaints are common in children. Apart from febrile paracetamol medication, other medicines like aspirin, analgesic, painkillers should not be used.

Yes, keeping cold water strips, keeping the room cool, etc. is necessary. Mixtures of two-three medicines are also meaningless. Only paracetamol is capable of alleviating fever. There is no justification to keep using it even after the fever subsides.

Antibiotic Use

Antibiotic is the highest revolutionary discovery of modern medical science. Of course, these medicines served humans. These are a panacea in getting rid of infection diseases. But their misuse and misuse is also no less deadly.

Always give antibiotics to children only with the opinion of a doctor or expert. Take the dosage as directed. Take the full course from the rules and stop by asking the doctor. Wrong use weakens antibiotic-resistant ability.

The epidemic of enteric fever and Amoebiasis has spread in the country. This is a condition that is much more difficult to combat than the other normal disease. Which can be combated only by antibiotics.

Justification of some other Medicine – Impropriety

No use of symptomatic drugs in children’s diarrhea. Therefore, stomach pain, to stop stool, some medicines are not only useless but also harmful. They should not be used.

The cough curing vials in the market contain a mixture of many chemical ingredients.

In the market, cough curing vials contain a mixture of many chemical ingredients. Drugs for exhaling and suppressing mucus in children are unnecessary.

Antihistamines and mucus smelting medicines are also not beneficial for health benefits, only medicines that stretch the respiratory tract are necessary. But there are many elements in cough mixers rather than one element. Therefore, marketable cough mixers cannot be called ideal.

Steroid drugs should be used with caution. Hugs, herbs, medicines to keep the baby warm, digestive medicines are not only unnecessary and also unhealthy.

Therefore, do not give these medicines to your child on the advice of the customary, elderly, neighborhood, shopkeeper, or advertisement, otherwise, they may get diarrhea and infection.

The truth is that mixed forms of more than one drug are not appropriate. If the disease has been diagnosed correctly, then it is not difficult to follow the medicine-rationale.

The ideal of medical practice is the proper and appropriate use of guided medicine. This ideal should be followed not only by the patient but also by the doctor.

It is mentioned in the main duties of the physician in medical sleep theory. Medication- It is not advisable to take any medicine without thinking about the rationale.

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