The DNA of sense and myopia are good neighbors.

The DNA of sense and myopia are good neighbors

The DNA of sense & Nearsightedness is good neighbors.

Often, adolescents suffer from myopia, the eyes of young men and women. These people wear glasses of negative numbers. When a person wears new glasses. So nobody misses teasing that particular person. So we can say that the DNA of sense and myopia are good neighbors.

Sometimes a friend says – “become eyewitnesses become knowledgeable”. “You look completely philosophical” – girlfriend says.
Some kind of proverb comes on everyone’s face.

It has often been observed that people who sleep very little, and those who stay for a long time in low light rooms, this disease is mostly found.

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There may or may not be any more scientificness behind these proverbs. But Gold Schleger eye research institute has clarified very interesting facts.

During the detailed physical examination of one and a half million people. While it has emerged that the DNA of myopia and myopia are perceptible.

You will be surprised to know that DNA itself plays an important role in our entire body structure, our intelligence, our development, our length, etc.

That’s why finally we can say that “DNA of sense and myopia are good neighbors“.

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– Dr. Narendra Singh

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