Symptoms of Urinary bladder stones | Renal Stone Calculus
Urinary bladder stones symptoms, Renal calculus disease, Urine stops and starts, Stone released in urine

Symptoms of Urinary bladder stones | Renal Stone Calculus

Symptoms of Renal Stone Calculus, Effects of stones come & start in urinary in the human body.

(Urinary bladder stones symptoms, Renal Stone Calculus disease, Urine stops, and starts, Stone released in urine)


It is equal to the grain of small particles or granules in the ureter. Urinal stone (spine) stone. Often many stones are produced on one side, and sometimes on both sides.

Those who come out with urine. Recently stones have also been seen in the human body equivalent to hen’s egg. White or some yellow stone which is elliptical and soft.

It is made into a mess in the human body. Such patients benefit more from sour medicines than from saline drugs. There would be more pain while urinating. The urine comes intermittently and there is swelling in the kidneys.


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