Symptoms of Stomach Worms in Children and Rescue

Symptoms of Stomach Worms in Toddlers or Children-

Symptoms of Stomach Worms in Children and
Symptoms of Stomach Worms in Children and Rescue

Problems of stomach worms in children are very high in our country. Especially affected by the child, which can lead to serious illnesses such as lack of blood, malnutrition, stomach ache or allergies.

Variety of insects in the Stomach Worms in Children.

  1. Large earthworms or roundworm
  2. Thin-worm like thread
  3. Hinges similar to the hook on one end.

Symptoms of Stomach Worms in Children.

In the stomach, the following symptoms are seen in the patient when there is an insect.

  1. The abdomen means pain in the stomach or intestines.
  2. Lack of appetite or excessive feeling.
  3. Stomach inflorescence and digestion system deterioration
  4. Tooth whitening while sleeping.
  5. A disease called urticaria.
  6. Children’s shocking or disgusting
  7. Itching of the anus
  8. Decrease in blood
  9. Itching and burning in the nose

Often children and their parents see the insects coming out of the stools themselves, such as earthworms and sneakers.

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These worms roam around the eye and keep on walking around. When the liver is present, jaundice can cause disease.

When entering the stomach it causes light pain and swelling. Sometimes the patient also has vomiting. With this, the earthworms can also get out of the mouth and nose when feces of these earthworms occur in the lungs, fever produces a complaint of cough and mucus.

You probably also do not know that these insects digest the nutrients of your food. It sucks blood from the intestines and tries to interrupt the intestines, in this way these insects living in your eyes are like the guests without the call.

 How and where the insects of (Stomach Worms in Children) reach the intestines.

The eggs of these insects enter our intestines or stomach with the help of food or drinking water or enter the air while breathing. Small-shaped insects or their larvae enter the body through our skin.

This happens when we walk in barefoot fields or work in clay without wearing anything.

These insects spread through very ease and various methods and another person may also be victims of them. If a single person suffers from these insects of the family, then everyone else is afraid to suffer.

The eggs of these insects get mixed in food or drinking water by the stomach of the victim. Without eating any vegetables or hands without eating well, we also become victims of these insects.

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Flies or other types of germs also contaminate foodstuffs. Germs of eggs are mixed in the air by the clothes, objects, and distilleries. They either freeze on open foods or enter the person by breathing. Apart from this, children take each other’s food, so that the eggs of these insects reach their stomach with their fingers. When children play toys while they are playing, then the egg enters their bodies with their fingers or toys with the help of dust particles.

Treatment of Stomach Worms in the Children.

If you suspect that someone from your family is getting annoyed with these insects. Take appropriate medication immediately with the advice of the doctor.

Rescue measures:
  1. Wash after thorough defecation and before handling food.
  2. Make it only after washing green vegetables and fruits thoroughly and eat after that.
  3. Wearing clothes only after washing them.
  4. Nails should be bitten on time. Because as the nails grow, soil or dirt is full of them and the soil can be harmful to you.
  5. Do not walk barefoot on the ground, especially in the fields or in the gardens – again.
  6. Keep your bed clean.
  7. In the open grounds or shrubs, the habit of bowel movement should be stopped immediately.
  8. If any member of the household is suffering from stomach insects, then all members should give proper medicines of the insects to the doctor’s opinion.


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