Symptoms of Jaundice | Icterus
Pale yellow body, Icterus, Jaundice,

Symptoms of Jaundice | Icterus

Signs of Pale yellow body | Icterus (Jaundice)

(Jaundice, Jaundice symptoms, Icterus)

Reason of Icterus (Jaundice)

Disturbances in the liver, Stones in the bile system,

Jaundice Symptoms

In this disease, the face and eyes of the patient appear yellow like turmeric. Digestion deteriorates, the taste of the mouth seems bitter, the Stomach bloated, Urine is yellow, coagulate sloppy, yellow and deodorant.

Everything appears yellow to the patient.

Symptoms like skin disease, itching, boils, fungus, etc. are seen. The pulse of the patient begins to decay, The skin turns yellow. There are also symptoms of sleeplessness, weakness, fear, etc.


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    Nice blog

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    Omg jaundice is a very dangerous

    1. Admin

      Yes, a person can die due to this disease.

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