Sprue | Celiac disease

Symptoms and causes of Sprue | Celiac disease

The Monilia Psilosis as a Cause of Sprue

In the case of chronic diarrhea, pancreatic deformities are caused by the infection of a germ called “Monilia Psilosis”. Due to which the right action of pancreatic juice is not possible on the food eaten.

Due to which spleen disease occurs. The stomach of the patient remains bloated, in the morning, diarrhea like black and white (amoebic parts) is started.

The mucous art of the patient’s cheeks, tongue, palate, and lips turn red. And there are blisters or sores in them or in the mouth. The amount of food the patient eats often comes in much higher quantities in the latrine.

Diarrhea, Thin diarrhea | Causes, Symptoms

Diarrhea, Thin diarrhea | Causes, Symptoms

The body of the patient becomes lean day by day. Trouble taking food, drink, etc., saliva flowing from the mouth, sometimes canny, stomach puffiness, foamy bloated diarrhea and ghee, sugars and foods with calcium content are not digested.

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