Symptoms and Causes of Constipation | Bracingness

Symptoms and Causes of Constipation | Bracingness

Bracingness, Constipation | Causes, and Symptoms

Constipation problem arises when; Continuous sitting, clerical life, mental work are more common for this disease.

Latrine comes low. Sometimes you have to wait for hours to pass a bowel movement.

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Sometimes it does not come for many days. Pregnant women also get this disease.
Symptoms like headaches, physical lethargy, irritability, etc. occur due to continuous constipation.

In this disease, advise the patient to lead a life with natural remedies instead of medicine.

This disease is cured by using chupatty, fresh fruit boiled vegetables and walking in the morning in such a patient.

Constant use of medicine to relieve [Constipation] is not good, yet there are some beneficial yogas.


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