Symptoms And Causes Of Anorexia Disorders
Symptoms And Causes Of Anorexia Disorders

Symptoms And Causes Of Anorexia Disorders

Anorexia, It’s Cause and Symptoms

Today we will discuss about the sign, symptoms and causes of let’s begin…

Causes Of Anorexia

Constipation, gastritis, gastric fat, anxiety, gastric cancer, indigestion, pneumonia, malaria, chicken pox, contagious disease, liver or gastric pathology (abnormality).

Sign and Symptoms Of Anorexia

No interest in food. Even if the patient sits down forcibly, then after eating two to four pieces, the desire to eat is filled.

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Even without eating anything, his stomach feels heavy and he feels sour again and again. And the mind remains sluggish.

After eating light food, the stomach becomes heavy and even due to simple exertion, very tiredness starts.

Even without taking food, there is no appetite, constipation remains, the weight of the patient decreases. And it gets weaker day by day.

Does not feel like doing any work, nor does it feel like eating food.

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