Stomatitis 05 Reasons & Symptoms
Stomatitis, Stomatitis Treatment, Stomatitis Reasons & Symptoms, Stomatitis Caused by, Reasons & Symptoms

Stomatitis 05 Reasons & Symptoms

What is Stomatitis caused by?


Causes & Symptoms

Severe constipation or excessive diarrhea, Digestive disturbances, more Effects of nutritious food, Pyorrhea, and dental diseases are caused by using very hot food or drink.

By using more mercury and eating more lime in the pan, Blisters and ulcers occur on the tongue due to blood disorders, syphilis, etc. Small pimples, blisters, and ulcers occur in the tongue due to the stomatitis of the mucous membrane of the mouth.

The mucous membrane of the tongue becomes red and inflammatory and there is a burning sensation. The gums and palate are also sometimes swollen. Saliva flows more from the mouth.


Stomatitis, Home Treatment
Home Treatment

Home Treatment

Take Boro Glycerine, use boric acid 300 mg mix in 8 mg glycerine, heat it slightly and apply it slowly on the tongue. You feel some good by trying this disease.


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