Signs of HIV AIDS | 10 Worst Effects
Signs of HIV AIDS

Signs of HIV AIDS | 10 Worst Effects

Signs of AIDS HIV | Many Causes & Bad Effects oF AIDS/HIV on the Body

Signs of HIV AIDS, Today we are going to talk about such disease here. The outbreak of which is in almost all the countries of the world. The virus is the main reason for getting this disease. Now this disease has taken the form of epidemic in India too.

Yes, we are talking about HIV AIDS. You must have heard about this disease. But here we will tell you in detail about how this disease occurs. What symptoms of its occurrence are seen inside the patient. Apart from this, we will talk about how to treat HIV AIDS patients.

And how does HIV AIDS spread? We will discuss this in detail also. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) AIDS  (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) This the full name of this virus.

Here we are talking about the HIV virus of AIDS. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. The truth is that there is no disease called AIDS. But when this virus enters a person’s body, it reduces his body’s immunity. This is the main reason for this disease.

AIDS is an infectious disease. Its virus can reach a person’s body for many reasons. For example, the use of infectious needles by injecting contaminants or injecting needles also spreads AIDS. But the main reason for this is unprotected s3x.

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Those who make without protection have a higher risk of getting AIDS. When the HIV virus reaches inside a person, it starts reducing our immunity.

HIV virus of AIDS starts killing lymph cells present in a person’s blood. After this, our lymph glands do not fight the AIDS virus. And the outbreak of AIDS virus starts happening well in our body.

By looking at an AIDS patient, you cannot even recognize that a person is suffering from the HIV virus. It has been seen many times that its symptoms do not show up in the person for ten to twelve years.

Some Important Facts about the Spreading of AIDS (HIV) |Major Signs of HIV AIDS

Signs of HIV AIDS & Major Effects

AIDS spreads in many ways. It is spread by having unprotected s3x. It also spreads by having unprotected s3x with more than one partner. Nowadays it has become a practice for people to have physical relationships with many partners. These types of people do not use hasty protection, and then remain upset later.

Therefore it is very important to use protection. Here we will ask you to form a physical relationship with the same partner. Apart from this, AIDS is also spread by the exchange of blood. AIDS is transmitted from the infectious mother to the infant.

Apart from this, AIDS is also transmitted from the infectious baby to the mother. Feeding the baby also spreads AIDS. Aids are also spread by applying each other’s used needles. Thus, there are many reasons for the spread of AIDS.

How does the HIV Virus Attack on the Body

There are mainly four reasons for the HIV AIDS virus to reach our body. Number There are many Signs of HIV AIDS.

First – Repeated unprotected s3x with multiple partners is one of the main reasons for the virus to spread a hundred percent. These are one of the main Signs of HIV AIDS.

Second – The exchange of blood without any protection also leads to HIV AIDS. Use caution in its exchange. These are also one of the main Signs of HIV AIDS.

Third – Signs of HIV AIDS. When a needle or a person is applied after that the same needle is applied to another person, the AIDS virus spreads to each other’s body. These are one of the main Signs of HIV AIDS.

Fourth – When a mother infected with AIDS virus gives breastfeeding to her child, then her baby is also very likely to get HIV. These are the main causes of the AIDS virus infecting each other. These are also one of the main Signs of HIV AIDS.

When the HIV AIDS virus attacks the body, and what are the signs of HIV AIDS, it creates some conditions inside our body due to which we start getting small diseases. These small diseases are not cured quickly. This is because the AIDS virus is thought to affect our immunity.

When this virus attacks, a person gets fever, headaches, nausea starts vomiting, many small diseases of this type slowly make their home in the person’s body. And when these diseases last for a long time. So the person’s immune system stops working.

This is where the HIV virus of AIDS begins to show its effect, and the person suddenly starts to thin. All this happens during a long process, this process also takes seven to eight years. When a person suffers from AIDS, he suffers from diseases like cold, cough, and cold, and these diseases are not cured due to viruses.

The body slowly begins to decay. For many years, no proper treatment or certain medicines and vaccines could be made to eliminate the AIDS virus. But now its treatment is possible. Its treatment is also very expensive. Which is very expensive for a normal person.

When a person becomes a patient of AIDS, his memory and memory gradually starts to decrease. He starts forgetting things. Or we can say that he gets amnesia. The person gradually stops his physical process, during all these the person dies.

The most important thing is that the virus never ends, but the vaccine reduces its effect.

What is HIV and AIDS?

AIDS is the name of a disease that spreads due to the HIV human immunodeficiency virus. Actually there is no disease called AIDS. But the disease caused by the HIV virus is called AIDS. This HIV virus is spread by an infection in a person’s body.

It destroys the immunity of the person in the body. When a person is infected with the HIV virus, then he seems unable to fight any common disease or any major disease.

For example, if a person has a disease, tuberculosis disease, severe pain, cough, cold, fever and headache, common diseases. But he does not fight these diseases due to the HIV virus. Hence the person dies.

On seeing a person, it cannot be said that he is suffering from the HIV virus or has AIDS. It can only be known from the investigation report of the person whether the person has AIDS or not.

People’s Concepts Towards the HIV AIDS

There are different types of concepts in the minds of people regarding the AIDS virus. Some people have too many misconceptions in their minds. This problem is more common in developing countries. AIDS infection can be minimized by being aware of awareness.

People in India are not aware of AIDS. The population here is very large. But still, no person likes to talk openly on this subject. Here, no education of any kind is provided in school colleges to avoid the outbreak of this virus. And no syllabus related to HIV AIDS is available in books.

And there are various types of religious organizations in our country, which removes the person suffering from AIDS from society. The person starts thinking of it as a curse for society.

And even call him evil. All this situation is found more in developing countries. And the biggest problem here is that people see this disease very badly in this country.

Symptoms in the Body of a Person Infected AIDS & Whats Signs of HIV AIDS

There are many symptoms of AIDS HIV disease. Their symptoms are not easily identified. These symptoms appear only according to the immune system of the person. If a person’s immune system is good, it may take time for the person to show signs of AIDS.

This symptom may appear after four to five years. Apart from this, the symptoms of AIDS can be seen within four to eight weeks or from two to three months in people who have a weak immune system. But it can be said on the basis of investigation whether the person has AIDS or not.

Also, if a person has a fever, or has a sore throat, or has a problem in his lymph gland, vomits frequently, does not feel like eating, his body is slowly decaying. Cholera occurs again and again. There are frequent influenza problems, swelling in the throat, burning sensation in the throat, sudden wounds in the genitals, head cracking, body rashes, etc.

when these diseases are not cured So that person’s HIV checkup must be done. If the symptoms of these diseases are being found continuously in a person, then HIV can be checked by checking whether he has HIV AIDS or not. These symptoms are very dangerous.

If you believe there is any type of disease in the body and also AIDS, then the HIV virus will not let you recover.

How can HIV AIDS prevent

HIV does not spread by waking up with an AIDS-infected person. AIDS is not spread by eating food with an infected person. Walking with an infected person does not spread AIDS. AIDS is not spread even by touching an infected person. AIDS is not spread through cooking by a person living with HIV.

How to Treat A Person Infected from HIV AIDS

In our country, a person living with HIV is viewed with the wrong eye. He has to listen to many things and abuses in society. All these concepts have been proved completely wrong. A person infected from HIV should be treated fairly normal as is done to a normal person.

Normal behavior helps to strengthen his immune system. One should always keep positive thinking for Hive infected persons. Also, if an HIV-infected person is treated well, he is also free from stress. And the diseases inside it do not take much time to recover.

A person suffering from HIV can also lead to a normal life. Therefore, no one should misbehave towards him. All are the MAny Causes & Signs of HIV AIDS.
Signs of HIV AIDS

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