Rheumatic-born Heart Disease | 03 Joint Pain Relation
Rheumatic-born Heart Disease | 03 Joint Pain Relation

Rheumatic-born Heart Disease | 03 Joint Pain Relation

Rheumatic-born heart disease (Rheumatoid arthritis) and Symptoms of it

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There are mainly three reasons for the rheumatic-born heart disease pain of joints in the hospital.

1. Rheumatic 2. Rheumatoid and 3. Osteoarthritis.

Rheumatic arthritis, roughly, affects individuals with rheumatoid arthritis 15 to 45 and osteoarthritis at the age of 5 to 15 years of age.

It is very important to know that in the absence of proper treatment, cardiovascular disease increases in the first type of disease; in the second type there is very little and in almost no third type.

Rheumatic-born Heart Disease: Rheumatic arthritis

Rheumatic-born Heart disease occurs at the age of 5 to 15 years, in addition to fever and joints pain and swelling.  It also affects many other parts of the body in which the heart is the main.

But this disease is not known to the child’s parents. He considers this disease to be limited to Joint Disease only and ignorance continues to use different types of herbs.

One particular thing in this disease is that occasional joints pain itself is cured. Such attacks occur frequently and in spite of this, there is no disability in the joints.

Along with each attack, there is an effect on the heart in the hidden from inside. The idea that the child does not seem to have long and neither does his or her parents.

When the joints hurt themselves or with painkillers, they feel that now everything has been cured. But after some time, this child starts complaining about breathlessness and coughing.

Many parents then do not understand the right thing and understand them as eosinophilia or bronchitis. Whereas inflammation of the heart continues to grow, in the end, there is a lot of change in the internal structure of the heart in rheumatic-born heart disease.

There are different types of cardiovascular diseases but there are two types of heart patients coming to the hospital. The first one is called Heart Attack, Which occurs mainly in people around 40 years of age or older. In such patients, chest pain is a major symptom.

Another type of cardiovascular disease is caused by rheumatic arthritis, which is also called romantic-born heart disease.

It mainly attacks childhood or adolescence only. By which the condition of these patients becomes very thoughtful. In this type of heart disease, chest pain, (major symptoms), breathlessness, coughing, swelling in the legs, and pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, etc.

If this symptom has not occurred in childhood, then from 15 to 20 years of age, at 40-50 years of age, it may appear for the first time.

Rheumatic-born Heart Disease: Symptoms

In many patients, breath only flourishes only after running heavy work or hard work. The breath starts to thrive even though some have to wash the bath or do little work.

While some patients are like this, Who keep on breathing on their bed while breathing. Some people are not able to sleep on the bed and spend the entire night sitting down because their breath starts flowing even more.

The second main symptom of the disease is swelling on the legs. Swelling can also be increased to the entire body. Even the stomach gets mixed in the middle of Delhi too. The amount of urine of such patients also decreases.

Many patients complain of cough and sometimes even coughing occurs in the cough. Many such patients are treated like a pulmonary TB patient if there is no information.  But when some tests are done after their well-tested examination, their “Randomized born heart disease” is diagnosed.

Pregnant women who are admitted to the hospital for childbirth. Many of the women start suddenly breathlessly. Foam starts to flow out of their mouth and the tongue and lips become blue. That is, the first symptom of this disease can be only a few times before delivery.

Another symptom of this type of cardiovascular disease is constant fever.  If this disease is not kept in mind then it has been found that sometimes such treatment of the patients would be treated as fever due to TB, typhoid, or malaria. 

While the valves of cardiovascular disease are continuously damaged and later produce different types of complications. In the Emergency Ward of the hospital some puberty patients are brought, who is suddenly attacked by the weakness in the hands or feet of one side. 

In most investigations, “Rheumatic-born heart disease” is found in most patients, which is the main cause of “Hemiplegia” (half-body Phaliz) occurring at this age.

While there are two main reasons for “Hemiplegia” occurring around the age of 50 or older The first reason – blood deposition is going to occur in the blood vessel of the brain.  And secondly- having a bleeding gut or bleeding of the blood vessel (brain hemorrhage).

Another symptom of “rheumatic-borne heart disease” is to increase the heartbeat or become uncontrolled. ECG checks are essential for the proper diagnosis of this type of malfunction.

The Treatment of Rheumatic-Born Heart Disease

For the right treatment, it is important to know why and how is “rheumatic-born heart disease”? Initially, the child’s throat is damaged by one type of bacteria.

Rheumatic-Born Heart Disease: Symptoms

There is a sore throat, cough, and fever. By staying in the throat, these bacteria produce a toxic substance. Which reaches the entire body through blood, which results in swelling of many organs, especially joint and heart tissue.

The patient has a fever and joints pain. When such attacks occur, again and again, the heart valves are worn along with each attack. Sometimes the fluid gets mixed in the middle of the membrane surrounding the heart.

Due to which the patient starts breathing and there may be a pain in the chest. When the effect of this disease is done on the brain, unwanted motion occurs at the hands or feet of the patient and there is an illusion that the patient is dancing.

Occasionally children affected by this disease drop off the hand, for which they have to scold their parents. Because they can not understand that this is happening due to such a disease.

Relaxation in the treatment of “rheumatic heart disease” is of particular importance. If the patient is lying on the bed breathing more then the back should be raised, with the support of something.

If the body is swollen then the salt should be reduced and unnecessarily the fluid is released from the medicines as urine. In such patients, the drug called digitalis is of particular importance.

As a result of modern research in medical science, it has been found that medicines that spread the blood vessels can also be beneficial in such a disease.

If the patient has been persistent fever as a result of complexity, it becomes very necessary to give proper bactericidal medicines. If there is a disease of the Phaliz, then it is beneficial to give blood diluted medicines or medicines preventing the release of blood.

If patient joints have pain, then aspirin is a very beneficial drug. Such a patient may sometimes require steroid medicines too. If bacterial rheumatic arthritis is in the throat then bacterial medicine called penicillin proves to be very useful.

When “valentine born with rheumatic heart disease” its valves have become much worse or narrowed. Then the valve can be widened again by the operation. And if it does not stop properly and the blood starts leaking out of it, then such a valve has to be replaced.

Rheumatic-born Heart Disease Cure

When any bacterial born swelling of the throat in any child or adolescent, he is immediately required to treat the proper treatment.

Penicillin is good medicine for such bacteria. Which should be taken only by the doctor’s advice. It is very necessary to relax and medicines such as aspirin are beneficial. Never give it an empty stomach.

With no caution, this drug is sometimes afraid of gastric and intestinal bleeding. Occasionally such patients have to give steroids. If joint pain and swelling are effectively treated properly, then the side effects on the heart can be avoided.

When the third type of patients come to us, those who have pain in the joints and with them have a minor effect on the heart but the valves are not completely bad.

Treating such patients very carefully, the heart can come back completely and again in its initial state.

And the patient gets well again. The fourth is the condition in which the valves of the heart are completely damaged due to the repeated attacks of “rheumatic joint pain”. Only those who can be treated properly by the operation.

Finally, it is necessary to tell again that this disease is the most commonly seen heart disease in childhood and adolescence.

In a variety of ways, the patient makes trouble and helpless at such a young age, but if every person has this information then it can be completely avoided as a result of proper treatment in the initial direction.

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