Causes of urine retention in bladder

Retention of Urine, Dried parts of Leucorrhoea in body

The urinary tract of Men & Women, Pressure on the bladder, Dried parts of leucorrhoea in body

(Causes of urine retention in bladder, Urinary disease symptoms, Urinary diseases & disorders, Urine problem in females)


Inflammation in the bladder of youth, In the urinary tract of women, the accumulation of dried parts of leucorrhoea in the body, The accumulation of dried parts of the object or leucorrhoea in the bladder in the women. Pregnancy of the uterus in older women, In old age men, due to the prostate gland, etc. Due to pressure on the bladder or urinary tract, the urinary tract gets obstructed. Sometimes this disease occurs even when the glands located in the bladder grow and the urinary tract-holes narrow.


Bladder trembling, Discomfort, Pang, Irritation in urine, Always symptoms like disturbance appear in the brain. In this disease, urine stops or comes out with a lot of pain. In case of urine stops or coming with pain sit the patient in a tub filled with hot water and splash the hot water on the abdomen or compress it with a hot bottle in the cloth on the patient. By doing this, urine comes easily open and the patient gets relief.


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