Passive Congestion of Liver

Passive Congestion of Liver | Dilution in the liver

Accumulation of blood vessels in the liver, Dilution in the liver – accumulation of slow blood

(Passive Congestion of Liver, Lung disorders, Liver congestion & heart failure, Abnormal blood vessels in the liver, Heart swelling causes, Ascites in the liver)


This disease (Passive Congestion of Liver) is caused by heart and lung disorders. When the heart is distorted, all the blood vessels of the liver flow in excess of the volume. Due to which, more blood is collected gradually in the liver.


Often there are thin diarrhea, vomit, Sometimes blood comes from the mouth, Increased liver size, heavy hepatitis in the liver area and swelling of hands and feet, Pain on pressing the lever, There are symptoms like ascites and Kamala disease.


By: WhiteChance