Old age eye problems, old age sight problems

Old age and eye problems

In older age the common problem in eyes is…

Old age eye problems, old age sight problems
[ Old age eye problems, old age sight problems ]
The eye is a very important part of the body. If taken care of as per the rules, then many diseases of eye problem can be avoided in the old age. Nowadays there are many diseases, which can prove very fatal for the eyesight.

There are many institutions in our country that are paying special attention to eye care. It is a very important part of our government’s twenty point program.

The following eye problems or related diseases are prominent in old age.

Rohe eye disease

It is an infectious disease of the eye. The main symptoms of which are watery eyes, itching, burning sensation and sometimes redness in the eyes.

Tonic can also spoil your health

Usually the patient does not notice these symptoms, but which can later lead to many dangerous diseases, and may even cause eye light. Its treatment is very simple and necessary.

To avoid this, avoid dust, not using other handkerchiefs and towels and specs, consult the eye doctor immediately. If the above symptoms occur.

Samal Bai eye problem

In this, sharp eyes turn red in the front part of the head to shine in the sun and not open the eyes. Due to this the eyes become weak and the patient may also become blind.

If necessary treatment is done in the initial stage of this disease, then the patient can be saved from going blind. Thus, we see that in this disease it is very important to consult the eye doctor.

Because sometimes this disease occurs without any of the above symptoms and in it only changing the number of the patient’s glasses repeatedly and not reading in that light is the main symptom.

Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Strong

In this type of Samal Bai disease, the patients consult the ophthalmologist in the morning only after they have worsened their eyes considerably.

Old age eye problem- Catarect

It is a common disease of old age that occurs only with further changes of aging in the body. Its main symptoms include – Reduced eyesight, whitewash coming inside the pupil and sometimes many things are seen instead of one thing.

It is treated only by surgery, the operation has become much easier due to the operation by the latest method cryo-surgery. Its facility is available in all major government hospitals.

If its operation is not done in proper time, it can have serious and fatal consequences like Samal Bai. Therefore, it should be operated at the right time and at the right place.

Blood Pressure

Along with the disease itself, it also affects the eyes. Especially on the curtains and nerves of the eye. Due to which swelling comes and blood comes on the screen.

Such patients must keep their eye specialist examined from time to time.

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– Dr. Narendra Singh

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