Nightfall Treatment | 05 Effective Remedies
nightfall treatment, how to cure nightfall permanently, how to stop nightfall forever, Causes of Nightfall, Nightmare Treatment

Nightfall Treatment | 05 Effective Remedies

Causes of Nightfall & Nightfall Treatment At Home

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There are many causes of nightfall, Dream defect is the main symptom of it which ejaculation of semen occurs while sleeping at night. Apart from it there are many home nightfall treatment are available in the world.

Charaka, the father of Ayurveda, has said many causes of nightfall. This means that – when a person intercourse in his dream, that time semen release automatically.

This is a symptom of defect dreaming, the Acharyas has given many reasons for Cause of nightfall, the main reason of it is the thinking of the woman or thinking about her at all times and the pleasures of enjoyment with luxury with her, this is the main causes of nightfall.

Apart from, there are many causes of nightfall as masturbation, bad s3x habits, anal s3x, constipation, aphrodisiac, and dirty thoughts about intercourse with women always come in mind all the time, etc. There are many reasons. Due to which there is a lot of damage to the reproductive organ.

But even then the person enjoys it, all these can be direct and indirect causes of nightfall. Normally, all these defect dreams come under the disease, it is also called a nightmare.

Many experiments were written under the treatment of defect dreaming, also remove nightfall. Apart from those experiments, the use of separate medicine for nightmare is also being presented here.

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Nightfall Treatment Home Prevention |How to Stop Nightfall Forever

nightfall treatment, how to cure nightfall permanently, how to stop nightfall forever, Causes of Nightfall, Nightmare Treatment
How to Cure Nightfall Permanently and Stop Nightfall Forever | Nightfall treatment

How to cure nightfall permanently – Take four to six grams of Triphala with milk at the time of sleeping it helps to eliminates nightmares. Take an equal quantity of gum of acacia, gum of katira, mustangi, and mocharas. After this, three grams of powder should be taken with milk.

It is more beneficial in bile excess nightfall. Three grams of sugar candy mixed with a hundred milligrams of suvarnvang should be consumed in the morning and evening with pomegranate juice and honey. This is the best medicine to remove the nightmare.

If there is a complaint of constipation, desiccant medicine should be taken for it. In general, four to five dry grapes should be eaten immediately thereafter. Or drink the powder of myrobalan and fennel with warm milk at night. If constipation will go away, there will not be any defect dream or nightfall.

Nightfall treatment at Home – Grind ten grams of Sheetal sugar, bhui amla, opium, camphor, and ras-sindoor five to five grams each and mix them in isabgol water and make small tablets. Take one tablet in the morning and evening with water. With this, all types of dream symptoms are cured.

However, this medicine can cause constipation, those who are suffering from constipation should not consume it. the main causes of nightfall occurs only when the person does not sleep deeply. Therefore, such a medicine can be used in it, so that a person can get deep sleep.

Nightfall treatment For this, make a tablet of one gram each by mixing thirty grams of peepul and forty grams of jaggery. It helps to sleep well. Jaggery twenty-four grams, Triphala twelve grams, and Vach and Bhimseni camphor three grams each. Sprinkling everyone with water, small. Take one or two tablets in the morning and evening with water. Due to this, the nightmare will calm down soon.

Grind an equal amount of asparagus and dried amla and sieve and grind the sugar of equal weight to both. Take three to six grams with fresh water in the morning and evening. It is very beneficial in all kinds of defect dreams or nightfall. Nightfall can also be eradicated by drinking asparagus and honey. Drink it daily in the morning and evening this is a home nightfall treatment.

Nightfall Treatment can be done with the help of Nirmali seeds. Take a hundred grams of Nirmali seeds and two hundred grams of frozen curd of cow’s milk, mix these seeds in it and keep it for twenty-four hours and then consume enough. And keep it in a container and let it dry. When dried then filter it again with a cloth and mix sugar candy in the water.

Quantity – three – three grams of morning and evening with cow’s milk, drink it. It gives a lot of benefits to a nightmare. The thinness of semen goes away, if there is a loss of sperm and any kind of metal, it also ends, it is a beneficial chemical.

Nightfall Treatment with amerbell – Drinking amberbell syrup in pigs can destroy nightmares. Take fifty grams of alum and sleep on the stomach every night. And thoroughly clean the hands and feet before sleeping. This will prevent nightfall.

Causes of Nightfall: Beneficial Pond-Garudi (Patalgarudi) in a Nightmare.

Home nightfall treatment given in the sanskrit language, this boot named Patalgarudi has many names like Chirehata, Chhillhind, Somavalli, Souparni, Dirdhaballi, etc. It is beneficial in stopping nightfall (semen), eliminating phlegm. And it also ends gout.

According to Bhavprakash and Rajnighantu, sweet, ejaculatory, gallbladder, beneficial, eliminate bile disorder, and blood loss. Thus it has been beneficial very beneficial in Ayurveda. Mainly it is used to cure many diseases due to being beneficial in the complaint of Vata and cough.

Patalgarudi is a special vine, its leaves resemble some rosewood leaves. This vine, which resembles the serpent, is found in many forests. Its use in Ayurvedic medicine is known to cure many diseases. This vine, which resembles the serpent, is found in many forests. Its use in Ayurvedic medicine is known to cure many diseases.

Some Useful uses of Herbs for Nightfall Treatment

Useful Herbs For Nightmare Treatment

Take fifty grams of dry leaves of (Patalgarudi), twenty grams of myrrh, baheda, and amla, twenty grams of Acacia gum, twenty grams of acacia, and ten grams of ginger. Take all the pieces after that, after filtering it, make the powder by mixing it in the same tone of the sprinkler and fill it in the vial.

Quantity – Five to six grams of this powder should be consumed in the morning and evening with fresh clean water. It also cures nightmare treatment and dilution of semen.

It is beneficial in many prefixes of prameha grind two hundred grams dry leaves of chirehatti and fifty grams of roasted small myrobalan with cow’s ghee and sieve it and fill it in a vial with an equal amount of sugar.

Quantity – Ten to fifteen grams of this medicine should be taken in the morning and evening with the milk of cow, taking it also provides relief in the most difficult nightfall. The heat of sperm is removed and permanent benefits are attained.

Chhirhenti juice (roots, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits) with fifty grams of dried, durva grass twenty-five grams, small cardamom seeds, and katira gum twelve to twelve grams and sugar candy a hundred grams. Crush all and then collect it and keep it in a vial.

Ten to twelve grams of it should be consumed with hot milk of cow in the morning and evening. It removes all types of diseases and prefixes. It is beneficial in some diseases like dilution of semen, ejaculation, nightfall, etc. It is also beneficial in blood deficiency. Its use is also beneficial for the prevention of leucorrhoea of ​​women.

Grind about ten to twelve grams green leaves of chirehatti and five-six black pepper on the cob. Also, if you want, you can also add sprinkled almonds and fennel to it. By drinking it daily for a few days, this drink calms the heat of the body, removes dah, craving, nervousness, etc. And by cleaning semen, all types of spasm diseases and its causes are prevented.

Premature ejaculation quickly removes prefixes like dilution of semen and causes of nightfall. Take the syrup of chirehatti and the syllable of giloy and mixing it with honey, it is beneficial in all disorders of the disease. Premature ejaculation, cusses of nightfall, sensory relaxation, etc. are also considered beneficial by it.

Mixing sugar candy by mixing chirehatti in amla juice and taking it in the quantity of fifteen to twenty grams. Or you can use honey instead of sugar. It is also beneficial in nightfall and premature ejaculation.

Patalgarudi – Benefits of Amla – This experiment is also beneficial for prevention the nightfall. Both the powder of chirehatti powder and the powder of dry amla should be eaten in the juice of sprinkle juice.

Quantity – One gram of this medicine should be taken with normal cow’s milk in the morning and evening. It can be more beneficial in removing the causes of nightfall.

After drying only the chirehatti in the shade, make five hundred milliliters tablets of gum of katira in its powder and dry it in the shade itself.

Amount – One to two tablets are taken with fresh water in the morning and evening, bile disorder and causes of nightfall will soon disappear. It is also beneficial in other diseases like thirst.

Nightfall Treatment, You can many benefits from bamboo manna (Vanshlochan) and is used in curing many diseases. Famous medicines like the Sitopaladi power of Ayurveda are also not made without bamboo manna (Vanslochan).

However, bamboo manna (Vanshlochan) should be genuine and of good quality, only then it can be taken advantage of. The name bamboo manna (Vanshlochan) is also famous in both Hindi and Sanskrit languages. It has many other names like Tvakshari, Kshirika, Rochana, Tunga, Dynasty Sugars, Vanshkarpur, etc. are seen in some places.

In the language of english it is called bamboo manna, and in the Latin language it is called Bambusa, Arundenika. Bamboo manna (Vansalochan) originates from a type of female bamboo. Only the item stored in bamboo bears the name Vanshalochan when it is dry.

This bamboo manna (Vanslochan) is found in most of the forests in India. But in the present time, some people give fake in place of real bamboo manna (Vanslochan) due to earning more profits, which do not benefit from any disease. Therefore, bamboo manna (Vanslochan) should always be purchased from a reliable place.

Nightfall Treatment: Some Useful Use of Vanslochan (Bamboo Manna)

In addition to curing other diseases, there is a substantial contribution of vanslochan (Bamboo Manna) in the prevention of nightmares. It also proves of nightfall treatment to be miraculous in all types of diseases, weakness, etc. Some of its uses are being presented here, which are as follows. Just finely grind the vanslochan then filter it and keep it in a vial.

Quantity – One to two grams of Vanshlochan should be consumed in the morning and evening with cow’s milk. It is very beneficial in nightfall, emaciation, etc. Adequate intake of strength and semen in the body increases by consuming forty days continuously. Eat fifty grams of the powder of vanslochan, ten grams of Vangabhasma, and at all, all with five hundred milligrams daily.

Take this medicine at bedtime at night, after that cow’s milk should be drunk. With its use, it is beneficial in many diseases like nightfall, premature ejaculation, weakness, etc. Vashlochan, pure shilajit, small cardamom, white pepper, mustang, cold sugar. Take ten grams each of kundru, resin, and turmeric, mix with sandal oil, and keep small tablets.

Quantity – One to two tablets should be consumed in the morning and evening with fresh water. It ends nightfall, Apart from this, this drug is very useful in diseases like urination, blockage in urine, less discharge of urine due to heat. Take both Vanshlochan and Satgiloy, twenty grams each, Vangbhasma, coral ash, and one gram of Muktapishti and keep them very fine in the Kharal.

Amount – Taking up to five hundred milligrams in the morning and evening with honey is beneficial in dream disorders, bladder disorders due to heat, disturbance of urine, etc., in many disorders. Consumption of Sitopaladi powder also provides relief in nightfall, cough, nightmare, cold, fever, etc.

Taking one to two grams in quantity with honey is beneficial in the case. If you mix Amla and Swara in honey and consume it, no matter what the dream is, it will soon be destroyed.

Usees of Sitopladi For Nightfall Treatment at Home

Nightfall Treatment with mishri should be cured by taking sixteen percent, and Vashlochan eight percent, small peepal four percent, small cardamom seeds, and one percent of cinnamon and filtering them with a cloth. It is also capable of removing all types of debility, defects in semen, metal ingestion, and severe cough.

Nightfall Treatment with an equal quantity of Vanshalochan, Pure Shilajit, Lohabhasma, Vangabhasma, Atalvapishti, Asparagus, and Amla and grind them all separately and sieve them with a cloth and then mix them together.

Take four hundred milligrams in quantity with a mixture of sorbet rose and honey, it ends causes of nightfall, spasm, and weakness. Grind two equal quantity of Vanshlochan and Shilajit in the mortar in equal quantity. Then mix some Satgiloy in it.

Dose-one to two grams, consumed with honey in the morning and evening, and then drink cold sugar in milk.

Some Beneficial Experiments on nightfall Treatment

Drinking liquorice is also very beneficial in dreaming. Therefore, due to its consumption, the feeling of heaviness in the stomach also becomes calm. For this reason, there is control over excitement for intercourse. For this, grind root should be filtered with a cloth and protected.

Quantity – Take two grams of this powder of mixed liquor with five grams of honey and ten grams of ghee and drink it in the morning and evening. Rose flowers have also proved useful in ending nightfall.

For this, pluck fresh flowers of four to five roses and wash them gently with clean water and separate its leaves and mix the same sugar powder in the morning and evening. After that drink lukewarm milk. Keeping abstinence and clean body mindlessly, its use destroys all types of nightfall in a few days.

Gulkand also provides a lot of benefit in this disease. Five to ten grams of Gurukand every day in the morning and evening should be mixed with cow’s milk and consumed. Dyspepsia can also be controlled by taking sorbet, rose, sorbet mulberry, sorbet carrot, or sandalwood in the form of a drink.

It is possible to stop the nightfall by eating cardamom powder on a ripe banana pod and eating it. Eating ten to fifteen grams of gooseberry jam or carrot jam is also beneficial. Mix neem Giloy juice and Amla juice, mix sugar candy in it and drink it. Almond- and black pepper also suppress the causes of nightfall.

But hemp should not be added at all. Soak ten grams of acacia gum in half a glass of water and soak it at night and then sieve it early in the morning and then filter it and add twenty grams of sugar candy. The benefit can be seen in a few days only.

Drinking mixed with sugar candy in Triphala also provides ample benefits in stoping nightfall. Before going to bed at night, five to six grams of Triphala powder should be consumed with water. It also benefits.

Nightfall Treatment | How to cure Nightfall Permanently

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