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Prashant Kumar

Founder & CEO (WhiteChance)

Experience & Performing


Founder & CEO

I have learned everything about the creation of a website from the beginning till the end. I worked very hard day and night for two years to run the website.


Promoting The Products


Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL)

I worked in Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) bank as an Adhoc Basis for two years in the department of the Loan & Interest, Credit Card. There, I resolved all the issues related to Loan providing, Interest & EMI managing, and Credit credit cards.

About Me

I am a cool person and adjustable to any kind of situation…

I am very happy now. I hope you would like my life’s journey.


2016 - 2017

C.S.J.M. University Kanpur

2012 - 2013

Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya, Gaumat, Aligarh

2007 - 2008

Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya, Rohilla Mohammadabad, Farrukhabad


Photoshop 90%
WordPress 98%
Illustrator 78%
InDesign 95%
Html & CSS 75%


Our story

I am Prashant Kumar. I am sharing everything about my life here. There were many small and big challenge came in my life, but I did not stop and continued. I am starting my life story from childhood. I was born in Ummarpur village in Farrukhabad, a historic city. My father’s name is Mr. Narendra Singh. Currently, my father is a doctor. He treats paralysis. First of all, I will tell you about my father. My father has given me every happiness in the world.

Here is about my father Mr. Narendra Singh

My father is a self-respecting person. This is the time when I was not even born. My father had to face some critical situation due to which he had to leave his house. When my father left home, he had some rupees and my mother was also with him. My father was very upset at that time because he was newly married. He had a problem in which place he stayed with my mother. They were not getting any place to live in. At that time my sister of my father helped him, she said, Narendra, stay at my home. Father quite forbid that he will not stay, he will stay somewhere else. Because the children of my father’s sister also lived. My father didn’t want to give any stress to his sister. Father thought, because of me his sister may have difficulty in maintaining and nurturing his family. But my father did not stand in front of his sister and then father started living at her sister’s house. But my father promised his sister that when he starts earning money, then he will rent a house and stay there. My aunt agreed with Papa’s decision. My father had kept some money which he had saved for several months. That little money came from my father’s work at the time of the needy. My father worked in many places in the village. Because my father had a big-money problem, he used to do any work that he would get. My father was very much interested in becoming a doctor. After working, Papa used to learn from doctors as a student and about medicine by saving some rupees. He studied medical line by buying old books from many doctors and students. Finally, after hard work, my father qualified the degree for becoming a doctor. My father was very good at the villagers. When my father became a doctor, he rented a shop in the same village and started treating patients there. When my father gathered some money, the father said to his sister that we will no longer be here. Now we can live on rent and are also able to pay rent. We will not be able to forget your favor even in our whole life. My aunt left Dad happily from her house. Papa had rented a room near Bua’s house. The length of that room was ten and the width was eight feet. There was very little space in the room, so Papa used to sleep outside the room. The kitchen and Papa’s medicine items were full in the room at all times. When the father used to treat the patients, some patients would come in such a way that they did not have money, so my father had treated many patients absolutely free and currently do the same. That’s why people like my father. Nearly four to five years of marriage had passed, yet the mother did not have any children due to this, both father and mother were very upset. Both also taken a lot of treatment. Father used to worship a lot. My Bua told my father that you go to Purnagiri Mata holy pilgrim and give homage regularly and Mata will fulfill your wish. My father did as Bua said. After a long time, my mother gave birth to a child. My father named that child Prashant. Mom and Dad love me very much. So they wanted me to never stay away from them.

My Life’s Journey

As I told you, my father and mother loved me very much. My father wanted to become a doctor. That’s why my father wanted my son not to face any problems that both already have faced. When I was born, my father had already decided that he would teach me a lot and would become a doctor. I have six brothers and two sisters. I am the eldest of all my brothers and sisters. A Bhaiya Lal Sir (Uncle) lived in the village, he used to come to my father. That Uncle Ji was a good friend of my father. He told my father, get Prashant’s admission to Modern Public School Farrukhabad. The school is located on the railway road in Farrukhabad and is also an English medium. Papa liked his idea. He thought if Prashant would be there, he would do something good in life. After that, Papa got my admission to Modern Public School Farrukhabad. A van driver at school, whom Papa knew well. Papa spoke to the driver and asked him to go to Nawabganj every day to pick up Prashant and left him at Nawabganj after school. The driver said yes and also told them he told his leaving fee to Papa. My house is in Ummarpur village, about seven kilometers from Nawabganj. My father used to go to Nawabganj by bicycle in the morning and come to pick me up in the afternoon. In this way, my father was working very hard to teach me. Due to a lack of money, the school car did not reach our village. Only the car used to go to Nawabganj. Everything was going well. I was very good to read, That is why Dad always used to be very happy with me. He felt that his son would fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

A dangerous accident with me

This is about the time when I was studying in class four. That day school was over, I and some students from Nawabganj were coming back school to home too. There is a twist on the road, the car was turning at the same turn when a big car from the other side of the road suddenly came in front of our car and both the vehicles collided. Driver (Uncle) was very hurt, he was injured and he was bleeding a lot. I had injuries on my face and little legs. People from nearby neighborhoods gave information about the accident to my villagers. At that time Papa was at the shop, he left the shop and immediately ran to pick me up from there. Father Mummy was very nervous. It took me about two months to recover. My two months of studies were ruined. When I was well, my father decided to send me to school again. At that time I was the only child of my parents. My mother protested to Papa’s decision, she told Papa that I will not send my son to get away from myself. I have only one son. I cannot send him to Farrukhabad. Mummy told Papa many times. Mother also told my father that my son will become a doctor or not, yet I will not send him to Farrukhabad to study. In the end, Papa had to change his decision. He got me admitted to a school in the village for a few days. Papa thought that after a few days he would convince Mummy and send me again for reading in Modern Public School, Farrukhabad. But this did not happen. At that time there was a big change in my short life.

My Admission To Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Mohammadabad

My father had many good friends in the village. One of those friends was Hari Babu Singh. Hari Singh has a boy named Vikas Singh. Hari Singh’s boy Vikas Singh studied in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mohammadabad. The boy was in the tenth grade at that time. I did not know him. Hari Singh told my father that you too get Prashant’s admission in Navodaya Vidyalaya Mohammadabad. My boy also attends the same school. Prashant will be under my boy’s care. My father liked his idea and decided to get my Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya admitted. Dad convinced my mother to get my admission to that college. At that time, the mother explained herself and said yes. My father got tuition done through a teacher from my village. Those teachers used to get me prepared for Navodaya’s admission exam. After almost two months the date of my admission exam arrived. I came to appear on paper with my father in Mohammadabad Navodaya. After the finished exam, my father asked me did your exam gone well. I told my father it was fine. Actually, I had no hope that I would pass. Because I didn’t even have class five. I was giving the exam of six class directly from the 4th class, so I was feeling that I will fail and I will not be able to get admission. After some days, the result came to light, and an admission letter received by post at my home about my admission. My father received the admission letter. After reading the letter, the father told the mother that now Prashant will be admitted to Navodaya Vidyalaya. My father was very happy, he called me close and patted me on the back. But my mother was crying after hearing this news that she felt that I would go away from them. She was thinking that Prashant is still very small, how will he stay there alone. But this time my mother’s lentil did not turn in front of my father. And mummy had to accept the decision of Papas. When the call letter came for my admission from Navodaya, the father said to me Prashant son, prepare yourself tomorrow, we will go to get your admission. I said okay dad But I could not understand what was happening to me. Everything happened in such a hurry as if I was going to go abroad. My mother left me weeping. When I was going with my father for admission, the mother was holding the gate and was crying and some other women were standing there trying to convince my mother. Mom stood at the door till I could see her. Finally, I got admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Mohammadabad in 6th class in the year 2007 batch.

I started the journey of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya from the 2007 batch.

When I got admission to the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, I did not have any friends. But many boys from Farrukhabad were there. Some senior boys told me about the many boys of Farrukhabad who also got admission in the 2007 batch at that time. Gradually all those boys had become my friends. Papa had met me Hari Singh’s son Vikas Singh in my school council. Then the father left me there and came back home. Vikas Singh was a very talented boy. He was very smart to study. I was not bad but was medium too. I used to get information about my studies from Vikas Singh. He considered me as his younger brother. Since my father and Vikas Singh’s father were friends among themselves. That is why Hari had already told Vikas that he is still a child, taking care of Prashant. Time passed slowly. I was interested in all the school work. So I got a chance to be the captain of the school. I became a captain. Students used to respect me a lot. I was a strict type of student and always follows the rules and regulations of my college. And always spoke when I needed to. I also had a group. There were some boys and some girls in that group. Gradually I passed all the classes, now I was in class 10th. Vikas Singh was not there at this time. He had left from there after completing his classes. He is currently doing a good government job. I had a science stream. But I did not like science. Actually, I wanted to become an IAS, and after that my second choice was in banking. But my father did not know this. He wanted to make me a doctor. Father wanted me to get biology. When I passed class 10th, I took a big decision. That decision hurt my father a lot.

A big decision of my life

When I had passed class 10th, I thought that I would take the commerce subject in the eleventh grade except for the science stream. But my father wanted me to take biology. He wanted to see me as a doctor. My father believed that if I became a doctor, I would take care of all the people in the family with ease. If I become a doctor, I will take care of all the people in the family. But I had no interest in becoming a doctor. There was no other stream in the school other than the science stream. So I decided to resign from the college. After that, I had taken the resignation letter from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. My second choice was commerce because the school did not have a commerce subject. After resigning, my father very angry about my decision. He told me what you will be able to become with commerce. I said Papa, I want to prepare for IAS. My mummy convinced my father that Prashant wants to study, let him go and we are happy in his happiness. Then the father agreed. He told me that you can do whatever you want. The commerce stream was not in Navodaya Vidyalaya Farrukhabad so my transfer Mohammadabd to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Aligarh was done. Mummy did not know that I will go to Aligarh. If I would have told her about Aligarh, she would not convince my father. When my mother heard that I would go to Aligarh, she came under some tension & stress. But I had no choice. I convinced my mother. Eventually, I reached Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Aligarh. From there, I completed classes 11th and 12th. And learned many new things like the Kannada language, chess, orchestra, music, etc. I have also got a degree in chess. I am also fond of singing, in which I also learned music in school. After completing my studies, I stayed at my house for a few days. After that, I had to graduate now. So my father got my admission to DN College, Farrukhabad. My parents love me very much. Wherever I used to go, both of them used to go with me. I got married at the same time when I was in B.Com’s first year. My wife’s name is Nisha. When I went to college, my wife used to tell me that she will also accompany you and wanted to go to college with me. She used to go to college with the same knowledge purpose as me. In college, her mood was also fresh there. When I was in the first year of B.Com, I thought that now I am married, now it is not right to take money from my father, now do some work and earn money. Then I came to know that even though the internet, money can be earned by staying at home. What was it then, how do I earn money on the Internet? Had started taking time to research this. Gradually my graduation was completed in 2017. I went to Kanpur for a few days to prepare for the competition. I had qualified for the pre-exam of PCS. But my mind was completely diverted to earning money. That is why I did not pay attention to my mains exam. I had a laptop on which I used to do all the research. My father had given me this laptop. Then I thought I should go to Delhi. And I agreed to go to Delhi. I used to think that I will not take money from my father. Now married, I will earn money myself. So, In 2018, I started the journey to Delhi.

Jobs in Delhi

In the year 2018, I moved to Delhi in search of work. I went there alone. I left my wife Nisha at home. I got a job in RBL (bank) in Delhi. My salary was twenty-two thousand rupees. I told the family about my job. When my wife came to know about my job, she told my father that she will also go to Delhi. My wife was in her maternal home at that time. But I did not like that job. I could not get a chance to do research about the internet. I had become suspicious of an Internet earning money. I stayed awake all night and ran the internet. Meanwhile, my father-in-law came to Delhi with my wife Nisha and told me that your job is good and the salary is also good. Now Nisha will be with you. The father-in-law left Nisha to live with me and he returned from Delhi. Not even a month was complete I suddenly left the bank job. Now I had a lot of trouble. One day we did not even eat food and managed to eat only after eating biscuits. Nisha said I demand my father for Rupees. But I refused. At that time, I used to earn five to ten rupees in a day from some applications on the Internet. But I also had to pay the room rent. So I found a job in a travel agency but the salary was very less. The duty was high in it. I used to go to work in the travel agency at 04:00 AM and come back late in the evening around 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM. The travel agency was far away from my room and I had to walk on foot due to a lack of money. So I worked there for a few days and left the job. My research on the Internet was completed. I thought I would make a website and earn a lot of money from that.

Creation of website a unique work for me

I had obtained almost all the information from the internet to create a website. I used to think so. I was a commerce stream so creating a website was a challenge for me. I first bought a domain to create a website. Now I was very happy. I thought that the website was made and the dollars would start coming in and the income would start. After a few days, when I checked, I did not see a single dollar income. I got very upset. Because I have been thinking about building the website all year and also working on it and when the website was made, there was no income from it. I became very sad. I could not understand what to do now. Meanwhile, One day my father made a call to me and he asked me how are you doing, how is the work going on. I lied to my father. I said father everything is fine and the work is also going well. I did not want to tell Dad about the website position. That time the position of the website was not good. Because they would be sad. And I did not even want to demand money from Dad. Dad told me to talk to Nisha. I gave Nisha a call. But Nisha told everything to Papa. Then father spoke to me again and said to me, Prashant tell me what is going on in your mind. Dad also scolded me when you have learned to speak a lie. I apologized to Papa and told him everything about the website. Papa said to me, son, can you earn money from the website, so I said to my father, yes there is a lot of income in it, I just need your support. Papa said ok you make a website, but don’t stay in Delhi, let’s go home and start all the work from there. Then I came home with my wife. But I told my father that there would be no income for about one to two years, yet Papa said yes for me happiness. My father is the best father in the world. When I came to my village at home, that was the issue of the network. So I told my father, the work on the website will not be complete from our village due to Internet network issues. I will have to live in Farrukhabad. After that, I rented a room in Fatehgarh and stayed on the same and started researching my website about why income is not coming. What can be the reason for this?

To run the website, I had to struggle day and night.

The first thing I did to build a website was to buy a domain. I thought, now the website has been created. But there was no income. I researched again and came to know that hosting is also required for the website. The website cannot run without it. Then I found out what hosting is, and how to buy it. After finding out, I also bought a hosting. Now I thought that the income will start. But after a few days, I checked and saw that there was no income. I was upset again. I researched the internet again and found that I have to work on the website as well. I came to know that you can earn money by blogging on the website. Apart from this, I came to know that a good income can be done by doing affiliate work. I came to know about many other works which can be generated by doing income on the website. I used to write all the things in my diary that I have to do all this. In the meantime, about 8 months had passed but there was no income yet. My wife and father used to support me. The wife used to stay with me all the time, she would stay awake with me at night. Used to give coffee, tea and something to eat in between. When my website was created, the biggest challenge for me was what to do about blogging on it. I was also very upset about this, but after a few days, I took note of some things I liked and started blogging about health on the website to increase my father’s work. When my father came to know that I was blogging about health, he became very happy. My younger brother is still preparing Neet. His name is Sushant. Dad wanted to make him a doctor. So I thought that my father and brother would also get help in business from the website. Still, my challenge was not over that I came to know that my website is not secure. My website’s web address was It was not secure. After this, I made it secure. Now the web address of the website is Now it is completely secure. But income was still not happening. I got frustrated but I did not lose courage. I researched again and found out why there is no income. Then I came to know that Adds will have to be approved by Google Adsense. Income on websites is only through Google Adsense. Apart from this, there are many ways available on the internet for more earning. I know all those ways. Then I applied for Google Adsense approval and I have also received approval. At this time there are a lot of Adds shows on my website. Previously I had taken the theme of the website from a third party. But right now in the present time, I have designed the theme for the website itself. And the website is running on the same theme. After this, I have also started affiliate work on the website. My website is currently running very well. And I also do the work of creating websites for people. I have learned everything about the website from the beginning to the end. I worked very hard day and night for two years to run the website. Meanwhile, I have learned a lot from the mistakes I made in creating the website. Today I know everything related to website creation, their management, data analyzing, theme making, SEO, backlinks, hosting, server making, mail marketing, affiliate, etc. I am very happy now. I hope you would like my life’s journey.

Founder: Prashant Kumar