Meningitis Symptoms & Neck break | 05 Cures

Meningitis Symptoms & Neck break | 05 Cures

Meningitis Symptoms | Cerebrospinal fever | Neck break fever

Meningitis is a disease in which many symptoms are seen in a person’s body. Which is called fever in the brain. Fever in the brain is a condition in which fever develops in the brain of a person. There are many membranes in the brain of man, there is fluid in the middle of these membranes, and when the fever goes very fast on the brain.

Can Meningitis Cause Brain Damage

These membranes become inflamed, Due to which there is pressure in the fluid-filled between them, due to which there is very severe pain in his head, And then takes the form of pus in the mind. Due to which the personality of the person is spoiled when the fever increases more rapidly, infections of the fluid present in the membranes are caused.

In meningitis disease, there is swelling in the inner part of the brain. Then there is a very high fever, the patient talks absurdly and vomits – straight talk, his pulse starts moving very fast, the patient becomes unconscious, he kicks his head here and there, pain in the whole body is very sharp. It starts happening, pain in the head, fever in the brain, the eyes turn red.

The patient looks at the tick and does not even blink. He grinds his teeth. Due to the noise in the ears, his behavior becomes irritable, he is nervous, vomiting, fever comes due to cold, In this disease, the pupils of the eyes spread, the pain increases in the head, the stool, sometimes there is an obstruction in the urine, the patient feels sleepy all the time.

In meningitis symptoms, there is severe pain in the head of a human, this pain is normal in the beginning, but it gradually increases and starts becoming regular. Vomiting, seizures, respiratory tract infections occur, and difficulty in breathing. Cold fever also occurs with high temperatures, stiff neck, and spinal cord. This disease is also called neck-breaking fever.

High fever comes, severe pain in the head, and nausea, vomiting are the main symptoms of this disease. The sudden appearance of meningitis symptoms and rapid deterioration in the patient’s condition are the main feature of this disease. When a healthy person suddenly has a high fever and there is a sharp and vomiting in the head, it can be a sign of meningitis disease.

He is always lazy. etc. meningitis symptoms are found. Due to this, there is swelling on the membranes of the brain and reed’s hides. This disease can happen at any time. This disease is also called neck-breaking fever in common parlance language.

Fever Due to Meningitis in The Brain

The meningitis symptoms are also usually caused by viruses. There are some other causes of this disease like Listeria which can cause meningitis due to bacteria found in meat, boiled milk, hot dog, and cheese.

Generally, meningitis disease is spread in a person’s body by a bacterium called meningococcus. This bacterium mostly originated from dust caused by the presence of dirt in the person’s body and going to a crowded place.

Causes of Spreading The Meningitis Symptoms

It is an infectious disease when a person comes in contact with a patient of meningitis, the disease spreads. Or the disease spreads from one person to another through its spit, sneeze, talking to one another, etc.

When the bacteria of the meningitis disease enter the person’s body, after three or four days, the meningitis symptoms appear. The disease is also spread by those people, whose bacteria are present in the nose and throat without causing disease.

These people are directly healthy, they have the disease, but they are also not able to detect it. When the infectious person coughs or sneezes, the bacteria of the disease enter the atmosphere and enter other people’s bodies by breathing. And give rise to disease.

Meningitis Disease Effects on The Body

If there is no immediate treatment of meningitis disease, the patient’s health deteriorates rapidly. In a short time, the blood pressure decreases rapidly and the pulse weakens.

The patient goes into a state of syncope. The sequence of meningitis symptoms of this disease moves so fast that in the case of quick diagnosis and treatment, the life of the patient can be lost.

The disease can occur at any age, but its outbreak mainly occurs on children, and young people significantly and rapidly. In densely populated slums, In crowded places where more people live, such as hostels, barracks, and refugee camps, the disease spreads rapidly.

Is meningitis curable ?

Is Meningitis curable
Is Meningitis curable

Some Ways To Prevent Meningitis Symptoms

The mouth should be covered with a clean cloth or a good quality of the mask, meningitis symptoms spread due to infection and bacteria, so make sure that when you get out of your home, cover your mouth and keep your mouth covered while coughing and sneezing, filtering the water. Or drink it by filtering. Keep water tanks clean, also keep hands clean. Wash hands with cleanly

Meningitis (meningitis) has its effect on the body in many ways. Such as cerebral fever (meningitis), how the disease spreads, symptoms, effects of the disease, who does the disease affect. What are the preventive measures? There are many questions like what action should be taken to stop the disease immediately.

Prevention is the best treatment, Now it is also possible to avoid this deadly disease and stop its spread. This disease fails due to congestion, so such places should be avoided. The rooms of the houses should have a proper arrangement of fresh air and light. Since it is an infectious disease, it should be very important to keep the patient separate.

The air coming out of the nostrils of the patient, mouth, and throat, breathing by keeping a clean cloth or mask on his mouth and nose. So those people coming into his contact can be protected from infection of meningitis symptoms.

Those people whose caring the patient should also wear the masks on their mouth and nose to prevent the infection of meningitis symptoms.

The patient’s family, and those in contact, can avoid this disease by taking a tablet of cotrimoxazole (Septron) after consulting the advice of a doctor. It is very important that people living in contact with the patient, doctors, and paramedical staff should get the anti-fever vaccine.

After five to seven days of administering this vaccine, the person’s body develops immunity. If meningitis symptoms are found in the body of any person, arrange for immediate examination and diagnosis, and contact the doctor.

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Home Solution

When such symptoms appear, first of all, let the patient rest in a clean and ventilated darkroom. Lay the patient completely at rest. Cool the patient’s head with ice. The atmosphere should be completely quiet. Make the head slightly higher than the rest of the body. By doing this, the patient gets relief.

Usually, no home remedies work in this disease, so the patient needs immediate treatment. Some domestic methods affect, but they take more time. Therefore, no domestic treatment should be given.

This disease can occur at any age. This disease is also found in children. Apart from this, fastening of the neck and red spots on the body is also a major symptom of this disease.

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