Massage therapy is necessary for elation

Massage therapy is necessary for elation

Regular massage therapy is beneficial to keep the body fully healthy and strong. The tradition of massaging the newborn with oil and dough is centuries old.

It is written in our scriptures that massaging oil regularly increases the strength and strength, and maintains cleanliness in skin and blood. Massaging oil makes skin smooth and supple.

Massage therapy
Massage therapy is necessary for elation

Morning time is considered more good for massage. Apart from the external beauty of the body, massage also has beneficial effects on the internal structure of the body.

Regular body massaging reduces the fatness of a lean body, simple and thick body. Massage provides strength and strength to lungs, kidneys, and intestines and improves digestion. It is written in Ayurvedic texts that oil massage is an effective recipe for blood circulation.

Massage is beneficial for the purity of breath, urine, and anus. Apart from this, diseases like headache, insomnia, rheumatism, joint pain and tremor of hands and feet are also eradicated by regular oil massage. Mental concentration is essential to massage.

Therefore, massage should be done only after being happy, calm and fixed, on the ground or by laying a carpet. Massage should not be done while standing or walking.

At the time of massaging the body part, the entire attention should be focused on that part, so that the physical and mental force can be adjusted which is very important for the massage.

When suddenly there is more injury

Only 15 minutes is enough for regular massage. But keep in mind that while doing the massage, the action of hands should go from the bottom to the top of the massage, starting with the feet, as well as carry out this activity with full pressure and light pressure.

Massage is done in winter to prevent cold and heat in summer. While massaging, keep in mind that fever, constipation, indigestion, fasting and waking up for more nights and not being tired are too much.

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