Low Immunity | Due to Harmful 05 Bad Habits
Low Immunity

Low Immunity | Due to Harmful 05 Bad Habits

Major Harmful Causes of Low Immunity

Our topic is today, what are the reasons for low immunity? Here we will talk about those bad habits which have a direct impact on your immunity system. Nowadays, due to living in this polluted environment, we do not get anything clean.

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites, etc. start living on everything. But we cannot see these bacteria with our eyes. These bacteria weaken our immune system. In such a situation it is very important to have a strong immune system.

But some people make their immune system week due to their bad habits and bad hobbies. In such a situation, people are unable to fight diseases due to low immunity and any part of their body suddenly stops working. This is all due to low immunity.

Here, we will tell you about many bad habits and hobbies which make the person at risk of getting a hundred percent low immunity. First of all, we will talk about low immunity.

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What is Low Immunity

What is Low Immunity

Our body has an internal and external immune system to fight different types of diseases, which provides us safe from various types of diseases. Our skin is the external immune system of our body.

When there is a rash, infection, inflammation, burning sensation, shingles, scabies, fungal infection, and itching, etc. on our skin due to some reason during the sudden rainy season, which is not cured quickly.

If these symptoms and infections are seen even after the rainy season, then it may be that our immunity is weak. In the same way, an immune system works in the internal part of our body, which keeps us from attacks of parasites, bacteria, and viruses, etc. living in the external environment.

But when we start suffering from recurrent diseases and do not recover quickly from minor diseases, these symptoms can be a sign of low immunity. When a person has a problem with low immunity, he gets small diseases quickly and these diseases gradually take dangerous forms and start making their home in the person’s body.

If a person has low immunity, then he gets cold, cough, fever, infection, loss of mind at work, stress, headache, irritation, puzzled, irritation on talk, loss of appetite, etc. it occurs. All these diseases together give rise to a dangerous disease. Due to which the person takes a long time to recover.

Sometimes a person is not well due to these diseases and he dies. These are symptoms of low immunity of a person. There are many reasons why low immunity becomes a person. Due to some personal reasons like bad habits, smoking, and intoxication, etc., a person’s immunity is reduced.

And there are some natural reasons which automatically reduce a person’s immunity. Here we will tell about some such facts and such bad habits due to which are sure to have low immunity.

Basic Reasons of Low Immunity in Details

Basic Reasons of Low Immunity in Details

Low Immunity System Due To Bad Habbits

Low Immunity due to Harmful Beverage – Such people get low immunity due to narcotics and wrong habits. When a person takes intoxicating substances such as alcohol, rum, whiskey, etc., more often than not, then they directly affect our immune system.

These substances reach our body and combine with blood and cause great harm to us. Consumption of these beverages also causes damage to our liver. When liver damage starts, it is not able to take the nutritious elements we get from our food and our body gets depleted due to t lack of these nutritious elements.

Due to which the person starts being weak from inside. When the body does not get nutritious food according to the requirement, then our food, as well as the harmful bacterial virus parasites, reach inside the body through food & water, then it starts damaging our body.

But our immune system is spoiled due to the consumption of more beverages. Our immune system becomes unable to fight against these viruses, parasites, and bacteria, due to which the diseases caused by the virus, etc. easily become a danger riks for the person, the person starts having low immunity.

For these reasons, the person himself is responsible for low immunity.

Low Immunity Due to Smoking

Low Immunity Due to Smoking

Our immune system also deteriorates due to smoking. Smoking is also part of a bad habit. Nowadays people smoke and take cigarettes. This Habit is seen more in the youth of today. There are some people who also smoke five to eight cigarettes a day.

Smoking cigarettes directly affects our lungs. Smoking becomes harmful to the hemoglobin of our blood. Excessive smoking also causes a lack of oxygen in our bodies. Our blood circulation works by giving oxygen to our bodies.

Smoking causes many harmful diseases related to lungs such as dry cough, phlegm, mucus, and constipation or lung cancer, etc. to come out of the body. Smoking also causes a disease called asthma, all these diseases slow down our immune system and low immunity occurs inside the person.

The person himself is also responsible for these.

Low Immunity Due to Junk Food

Nowadays people like less of the food at home and more of the restaurant, party, etc. outside. When we start eating this food more than necessary, it becomes harmful for us. More junk food, oily food and spicy food all affect our immune system.

Eating spicy food causes irritation in our stomach and sometimes its effect is also visible on our eyes. Many types of hot spices are used more than the requirement in junk food which goes into our stomach and causes diseases related to us. Initially, we are not able to feel these diseases.

But these diseases gradually become major diseases. Eating junk food also worsens our liver and the person goes too much. The stomach of the person does not properly save food and the digestive system starts to deteriorate gradually due to which gas is produced in the stomach of the person and he also goes to latrine two to three times a day.

The person himself is responsible for this too.

The Problem of Low Immunity due to Poor Sleep

Sleeping less or not getting enough sleep also causes low immunity. Nowadays people sleep only for four to five hours. It has been done in trending. It is very harmful to our health. Taking less sleep remains a risk of insomnia and heart-related illness.

Individuals who sleep less are stressed and anxious all the time. Due to which their low immunity starts happening. Sleep is directly related to the immunity power system. Because when a person is sleeping well, our immune system is working properly and identifies the harmful bacteria inside us and feeds them.

Due to not getting good sleep, a person reduces interest in things. He does not feel like eating and drinking, and for this reason, the immune system starts to deteriorate.

There are many reasons for not getting good sleep, such as running a mobile till late at night, eating food very late at the night, waking up late at the night, it is all harmful to us. Try to avoid all these habits.

Gutkha Eating has a Bad Effect on the Immune System

Nowadays people have started to consume Pan Masala and Gutkha etc. very much. This has become a major reason for their low immunity. These people spit here and thereafter eating pan masala gutkha etc. and keep the environment dirty.

Many people have also got cancer in their mouths by eating pan masala and gutkha. This cancer is very dangerous. This ends the immunity of our body and the person does not even get time to recover.

A person dies suddenly. All these reasons have been created by the person of low immunity himself. Please keep the distance from all these things.

Conclusion About Low immunity

This leads to the conclusion that individuals are responsible for low immunity somewhere, and later when the immune system deteriorates, they rush to recover. If we see that we consume things according to the need, then our immune system will continue to work perfectly.

But nowadays people have become a hobby to consume the wrong things. Due to these people, the surrounding environment is also contaminated.

For example, if a person is smoking cigarettes, then he is harming himself as well as the people who are present there. In this way, there are narcotics, a person ruins himself by consuming them and his smell hurts the people around him.

The person himself is responsible for deteriorating the immune system. The immune system of thirty percent of people is due to their wrong habits. But those people are not ready to accept this. Here we will suggest you eat nutritious elements according to the capacity of your body.

If you do not use more than necessary, then eat natural things in the proper way. Do not use too much oil and spices in them. Only then you can convert your low immunity into a better and stronger immunity system.

Causes of Low Immunity

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