Laryngitis complication

Laryngitis Complication With Home Cure

Here are Reasons, Symptoms & Cure of Laryngitis Disease

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This disease can be caused due to many reasons like cold and due to prolonged speech. Swelling occurs in the larynx due to a sore throat. It is also occurred by swelling in the larynx due to a sore in the throat.


In this disease, there is difficulty in talking, taking food, and swallowing sputum. There is also a painful cough, the voice settles. Fever also occurred due to increased inflammation. There is a pain in the larynx, mild fever comes and there is a lot of difficulty in breathing.

Cure at Home

1. Take ten drops of Tincture Benzoin Compound in a teaspoon of tea and put it in boiling water, then steam it around the throat for three to four times in a day for fifteen minutes.
2. Lick the children by mixing equal glycerine in the paper lemon juice.
3. By applying a hot poultice of kaolin outside the vocal apparatus on the neck, pain is relieved immediately. And the patient gets to rest.


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