Irregularity of the regular cycle

Irregularity of the regular cycle of women

The main cause of many diseases of women is deformity and irregularity in the monthly discharge (Irregularity of the regular cycle). This secretion is known as menstruation or menstruation. It is a simple normal physical process, through which nature declares every woman’s body to be a mother.

Its duration is generally from three to five days. But a reasonable four days is considered. Its normal average duration is 24 days, starting from the first day. If the menstrual period keeps on coming, then the body remains healthy and elated. Otherwise, headaches, body pain, physical and mental weakness, and restlessness and irritability occur.

There is no distortion in the menstrual flow. For this, tea, coffee, sour and flattened substances, pickles and fried items, intoxicants, etc. should be avoided. Take less of tea and sour substances. Eat on time, avoid anxiety and stress.

In case of irregular menstrual discharge, take Raja Pravartajivi and Femiblax tablet with lukewarm water. Painful menstruation is a common disease in women. Women are always unhappy with this disease. It is also called dysmenorrhea or dysmenorrhea, in which women consume more sour and peppery hot substances. He often had this disease, in addition to internal malformations of the uterus, uterine discoloration, ovum.

Lack of proper development of the kidneys, hysteria, neurological debility, accumulation of blood in the uterus, removal of the uterus from its place, excessive mental stress, anxiety, cold, bathing with cold water in the menstrual period is the main reasons for its occurrence. As a result, many diseases related to Vata, swelling of the uterus, lack of blood and weakness, etc.

For treatment, the stomach should be filled with a bottle of hot water. Bathing should not be done with cold water on monthly sunny days. The feet should be baked with warm water which gives relief in this problem. Easily digested nutritious food according to the ability of the body.

In this way, do mental and physical work according to the strength of the body. Stay in an open ventilated place, avoid worries. In this pain, taking one tablet of lactose water four times a day with many estrogens, aspirin, soda salicylates and famiplex, provides quick relief. After eating together, Ashokarishta and Lauhasava mix two “two spoons of equal water” or take amycordial, M-2 tone syrup for a period of time and rest in a week, there is no possibility of such pain again.

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Treating this problem as a disease should be treated. Otherwise, due to proper treatment and neglect, menstrual bleeding is completely stopped, bleeding from the chorion, white leucorrhoea, blood leukemia, pregnancy, and other pregnancy disorders occur.

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