If Child Has Too High Fever (103 F) |  Reduce Immediately
When the child has a fever...!

If Child Has Too High Fever (103 F) | Reduce Immediately

Child Fever

Increasing body temperature or fever is a symptom of many diseases. This is especially the case at the time of infection and is related to the process in which the body encounters microbes.

Therefore, the purpose of watching the body temperature of the child is whether the child is ill. Therefore it is beneficial to have thermometers along with medicines. My experience is that many people do not fully know how to use it.

Taking the Temperature of The Child:

It is very easy to read the temperature in the thermometer. On the side where the marks are there, it should be seen that the mercury has reached forward. Temperature degrees are also divided by signs so that the correct temperature is known.

Body temperature is taken from many places of the body:

In The Mouth

The mercury part of the thermometer should be opened under the mouth or between the gums and cheeks and after that, the mouth should be kept closed for two minutes. It should be kept in mind that if the child does not cut the thermometer if this happens then there is nothing to worry about.

At that time, give the child to eat a piece of double bread, the glass will be wrapped in it and even if some part of the mercury goes inside the stomach, it will be so low that it will not cause any problem.

Beside (Under the Arm)

If Child Has Too High Fever

Place the mercury part of the thermometer under the arm and keep the arm clinging to the chest part of the body. Although this method is very simple, it does not determine the exact temperature because the mercury part of the thermometer does not press completely.

From the Side of the Anus

It is a method of trust and it takes one degree more temperature than the mouth. The importance of different types of temperature levels is as follows:

Normal Temp.97.5°F to 97.7°F36.4°C to 37.1°C
If Low Fever99.0°F to 102°F37.2°C to 37.9°C
If Normal Fever102.°F to 103.5°F37.9°C to 39.9°C
If Too High Fever103.5°F & More39.7°C & More

Temperatures also vary at different times of the day, often higher at night. Temperature is only a sign of information regarding the health of the child, but it is necessary to keep all the circumstances in mind.

In this way, sometimes the body of a child with absolutely normal conditions, especially when they shout or stir, gets very hot.

But if the temperature of the child is normal but his health is not good, in such a situation, a doctor should be consulted. The baby controls its body temperature due to heat loss by its skin, therefore it is necessary that the child should not be hindered by this process by wearing more clothes.

It is a widespread belief that a sick child is kept warm. At that time it is not taken care of its temperature and it is a sample of lack of common sense of parents. Due to which the child has to suffer more.

I am often told, ‘Come see my child, his body is burning.’ And I see that the sick child is wrapped in clothes and blankets and often has a heater with him. This is a dangerous and wrong thing because many times the symptoms and complications arise due to temperature.

The reason for the shiver of the child is the body’s attempt to increase its internal heat, the vibrations of the muscles are to dismiss or dissolve the accumulated energy in the form of heat. In a child’s disease, it is necessary to keep his body temperature under control.

Complications of High Fever

If the temperature of the body remains high continuously, excessive water is eliminated from the body due to excessive sweating. If this loss of liquid is not replenished, the kidney work is interrupted and the chemical process of the body is disturbed.

Unconsciousness (Spasms of the Limbs)

Often but not always. 103.50 F or 39.60 C, due to temperature, the disease sensitized child of one to three years of age starts having epileptic seizures. This is not usually the case for children above the age of five.

What to do in Case of Fever

As soon as possible, it should be found out what is the cause of temperature so that treatment can be started, usually, the main symptom of temperature is fever, in such a condition, as much as possible, the child is rested until fully healed.

Efforts should be made to keep from and control fever. More clothes should be removed and let the child wear pajamas or light open clothes. But protect him from the blows of the strong wind.


High fever reduces the amount of water or liquid in the body, so it should be given extra liquid.


Feed a cold and starve a fever is almost right because the child’s appetite is killed in fever. When the child starts feeling hungry, start giving him little digestible and tasty food.


It is very good for reducing aspirin and paracetamol temperature. And give the appropriate quantity after three hours. If your child is at risk of having an attack, take an anti-seizure medication from your doctor.

Lukewarm sponge

If the child’s temperature is 103. 5 degrees F. From 108 degrees F Or 39. 4 degrees C 60 degrees C Once reached, its body should be sponged, this helps in reducing the temperature. Remove the child’s clothes and sponge the whole body with lukewarm water, do not allow the water to dry completely, because the child will experience relief.

When Consult A Doctor

If the temperature is 102 degrees F. (37.9 degrees Celsius). If the temperature remains for two consecutive days, if there is a fear of seizures with fever and if you are very worried about the child.

Child Has Too High Fever (103 F)

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