How Your Immune System Works | 05 Important Aspects
How Your Immune System Works

How Your Immune System Works | 05 Important Aspects

Important Aspects About “How Your Immune System Works”

how your immune system works
How Your Immune System Works

Today we are going to discuss a topic which is important for us, we will talk today about how your immune system works. Today we will look at several aspects of it. Our immune system is a very important function for our bodies.

It acts like an antivirus for our bodies. In a way, we can say that your immune system protects us and your body from harmful bacteria, viruses, and many types of diseases living in the outside world. Our main topic today is how your immune system works.

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Does Our Skin Also Work as An Immune System

Your skin is also a part of your immune system. How Your Immune System Works Here first we will tell about your skin. Our skin also acts as an immune system and is a part of our body that we can see with our eyes, and can also touch.

It is part of the immune system itself. Apart from this, we cannot see the internal ways of working of the immune system, then we will talk about the skin here and also show how your immune system works through the skin.

There are many ways in which the immune system works. It works in both the internal and external functions of our body. The skin of our body is a part of the largest immune system. Your skin acts like your immune system. First of all, our skin works to protect us from external bacteria, viruses, diseases, and dirt, etc.

Whenever a virus, bacteria, or some disease attacks our body, first of all, our skin fights with them. During this period, you may have noticed that the skin suddenly starts to look red. And sometimes strange rashes occur on the skin, like Skin irritation. The skin becomes inflamed.

When our skin is vulnerable to various types of fungal infections, viruses, bacteria, and itching infections, which occur in the rainy season, it also causes some scabies. When our skin is not able to fight this fungal infection, then our body’s internal immune system begins to fight against that infection.

This process is very long, so it works inside the immune system of our body.

How Your Immune System Works In a Natural Way

Here we will talk about the human body immune system works in a natural way, and what are the ways of doing its internal work. We would like to tell you that the immune system gives us internal protection from infectious diseases.

We call it the internal immune system works. The hormones and proteins such as mileage, lipase renin, trypsin, and gastric juice are present in the stomach of our body. These are proteins.

When we eat food and drink water, many types of bacteria enter our bodies during this time. Two types of bacteria are found in food, one is the bacteria that are beneficial for our body, and the other is some bacteria that are harmful to our bodies.

So the gastric juice present in the stomach serves to kill these bacteria, which gives us internal protection. If the immune system does not work in our body, then we are not able to survive even for a moment, so we should also do food that will strengthen our immune system.

How does Blood Protect Us like the Immune System

How Your Immune System Works

Blood plays a very good role in providing internal protection to our body from many types of diseases. Almost everyone knows that there is hemoglobin in the blood. White blood cells and red blood cells are found in our blood.

In our body only white blood vessels from viruses, bacteria, and parasites, etc. kill them and destroy them.

A drop in our blood contains between eight to fifteen thousand white blood cells. When a virus and bacteria enter our body, only white blood cells work to identify those viruses and bacteria. When these blood cells identify viruses and bacteria, then they start fighting against them.

Sometimes this fight is so much that the health of our body gets messed up. In this fight, the white blood cells of our body also die and viruses and bacteria also die. After that these dead white blood cells and viruses and bacteria come out of our throat in the form of dry cough, phlegm, mucus, and constipation.

During this time, we have a cough complaint. Sometimes we also have a dry cough. In this way, white blood cells continue to protect us all the time in the interior of our bodies.

Our blood has enough power to kill many types of viruses, bacteria, etc. and there are also elements in our blood that can easily kill any outsider harmful elements without any vaccine when our body’s blood bacteria and viruses this process is called bacterial feeder and virus feeder.

White blood cells have the power to strangle the bacteria, that’s why we keep drinking many vomit straight things but we don’t realize it but sometimes our immune system becomes weak, then our blood also decreases due to which we are not able to fight diseases and we have to face a lot of problems.

There is a substance in our blood called Bacteriolysin that helps white blood cells to kill and feed bacteria.

Impact on the Body due to Lack of Immunity

How Your Immune System Works

When our immune system goes awry due to many other reasons, we are not able to fight against diseases. Due to which minor diseases make a home in our body. Nowadays, many types of dangerous viruses are present in the environment around us. Currently, coronavirus outbreaks have spread throughout the world.

Millions of people have been infected due to the outbreak of this dangerous virus. Currently, there is no place left in the world that has survived the outbreak of this virus. This virus has killed millions of people.

In such a situation, it is very important to strengthen the immune system of our body. We have told you about the immune system, How Your Immune System Works?

When a virus spreads like an epidemic or pandemic, people start thinking of various ways to enhance their immune system, and the truth is that it is very important for our body’s immune system to be strong. In our opinion, the intake of natural things strengthens the immune system.

We should always eat food rich in vitamins and nutrition as per our requirement. This strengthens the immune system and body immunity starts a lot in fighting diseases.

How Your Immune System Works

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