“How to port mobile number” …??

How to port mobile number..in any operator.!

Friends, today we will discuss about the “how to port mobile number” nowadays, one thing is being used very much, whose name is Mobile. Yes, friends have one thing in this mobile, which plays an important role. Which is usually called “SIM”.

Before port mobile number lets know about- “Full form of SIM”

SIM is the full form of “Subscriber Identification Module”.

There are many companies present to run this SIM. Such as Reliance jio, idea, Airtel, Vodafone and bsnl. Who sell their own SIM cards. And all of them are different. Some are economical then there are no economies. On the other hand, if you talk about the network, some are good but some do not serve much better. Users have to face considerable difficulty in it.

Given this problem, TRAI took a measure in 2011 In which you can go to the operator of another company without changing your mobile number. But there are some conditions that we will discuss this further.
The full form of MNP is, “mobile number portability”.
When! without changing the number, SIM is transferred from one company to another company. This process is called MNP.

In order to get MNP, you must first do an SMS. [PORT space mobile number] send to 1900. From which you will receive a code. That code is given to the retailer. By submitting that code to the form, it lets you simulate the company of your choice. Its charge can take up to 20rs. The company does not take any charge of the MNP.

It starts at number 7 working days. But your SIM’s old balance or tariff will not be available in the new SIM. Here you will have to take all the new plans. But as long as your new SIM is not operational, the old SIM will continue to run.

Some Terms & Conditions Before porting Mobile Number-

Some conditions for MNP which are necessary. So, There is no hard condition for the mobile number portability. But there are some small terms that you can easily complete.

  • To take advantage of this, your existing SIM number should be at least 90 days old.
    Your balance of the main balance or bill should not be owed.
  • Apart from these, you also have the Aadhaar card for ID proof. If you meet these criteria, you can easily port your number.

This way users can take advantage of MNP. So tell us by telling us how you got this information. Do not forget to like and share.

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