How To Live Healthy Life In 2020
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How To Live Healthy Life In 2020

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Ways to Live Healthy Life

(How to live longer, Ways to live longer, Living longer living better, Healthy living, Healthy lifestyle tips, How to live a healthy lifestyle)

As we are crossing the limits of time. In the same way, we see the line of age is decreasing. Our generations are becoming short-lived. On the other hand, the life of a woman living with great comfort and enthusiasm in the US, death happened at 113 years and 215 days.

This lady had lived so long in her age alone and remained unmarried and had only consumed a raw apple.  Today approximately 6000 French people are living above 100 years of age. 

Some of these do not have any kind of illness or problem. Most of the people aged 100 years or older keep themselves away from alcohol or other bad habits. In fact, this is the secret to living for many years.

It is also necessary to eat food properly proportionately to increase life easily. Surveys show that eyesight starts decreasing between the ages of 30 and 40, and some brain cells stop meeting together. 

But with good health, it is necessary to travel longevity so that you are alert and comfortable with your food.

The Parisian biologist has said that “the way life is difficult to interpret, it is also very difficult to define the age.”

It is the law of nature that with the increasing age of all persons, the hair starts to become white. And wrinkles also start falling and gradually the mind and power become weak. 

While the snakes are lizards but are exactly the opposite. As their age increases. They give more eggs. They are more sensitized towards temperature.

If a lizard is kept in the Sun’s sun for a long time  Then his age will be very low  Shows are needed to increase his age. Experiments conducted on animals with blood-born animals show that they are very sensitive to their eating.

And as long as they live longer, the rabbit age is the lowest on the other hand.  Whales and elephants survive for the longest time.  The reason for this is to live in a shadow of them and they also eat certain food and do not keep their children for longer periods.

US biologists say that we should be cautious about our catering.  Food from 1500 calories to 2000 calories should be taken in one day.  People of different ages have different abilities to increase or decrease the cells.  The cells of the 20-year-old age change 70 times. 

The cells of the age of 40 change about 40 times.  The cells of the 70-year-old age change only about 20 times.  As per this process, it can be said that as the age progresses, they are unable to rebuild the cells and themselves.

Cells destroyed due to ultraviolet rays or any chemical may be rebuilt in a very long time.  According to an estimate “biological clock”, the body can be protected from diseases and can be helpful in increasing life.  Some glands near the throat and heart can also be protected from diseases through this device.

Because the bacteria of cancer are easily formed in these glands. To increase the age, it is necessary to stay away from bad consciences.  Be cautious about eating food.  You and I too can “live healthy life” very easily without any disease for one and a half hundred years.

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