Hoarse Voice (Hoarseness) | 05 Causes & Signs
Hoarse Voice

Hoarse Voice (Hoarseness) | 05 Causes & Signs

Can hoarseness be a sign of cancer?

Of course not…

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Causes of Hoarseness (Hoarse Voice)

Sometimes giving long speeches makes the voice stopped as a hoarse voice. Sudden phlegm arises due to excessive shouting in a loud voice for a long time, causing the vocal cords in the vocal tract to become narrow and cause the passage of the air pipe to become dry due to the dryness of the voice and larynx, due to it the airflow to slow down.

It hurts a lot and the voice also goes away. Smoke, dust, mud or cotton particles, etc. go inside the throat from the breathing, Because of vermillion’s fall in the mouth, due to excess heat, soaking in rain, excess cold, eating sweets and drinking water, hot ghee Eating and drinking water immediately also causes a loss of voice.


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