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Health Benefits of Celery in Sense of Medical Medium

Health Benefits and Nutrients of Celery-

health benefits of celery juice
health benefits of celery

In Ayurveda, celery is said to be potent medicine. It’s bitter and hot. Which destroys cough, heat, diarrhea, liver defects, sour duct, urinary disorder, and diarrhea. Its use is as follows, that we will talk about them today.

The use of celery in lung disease is less of the origin of cough-

  • The use of celery in lung disease is less of the origin of cough. Taking cinnamon by drinking one or two grams.

And drinking hot water from above leads to quick gains in dry cough and suppression and respiratory disorders.

  • Smelling some celery in hand, smelling more often in the day gives relief in the cold.

Stomach worms are destroyed-

  • By making half a gram of celery powder and making pill in the division good, feeding it thrice a day, all stomach worms are destroyed.
  • Taking celery with powdered whey, stomach worms are destroyed.
  • By mixing salt with pomegranate powder in half a gram of salt, after giving it with hot water for a few days in the night, the stomach worms of the children are destroyed.
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Itch or itching and other skin diseases benefits-

  • Drink stomach pains after adding celery and black salt. You will get plenty of comforts. Applying the finely granulated milk on herpes, itch or itching and other skin diseases benefits.
  • After excessive winter and headache, grind the celery by finely grinding and cloth bundle and keep on the hot pan and get the benefit of it.


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Health Benefits of Celery, If the fork is seen-

  • If the fork is seen in the leg. And If it is not coming, then add the celery in the good and bind it, the fork will come out automatically.

Health benefits of celery in pregnancy OR menstruation-

  • Women who do not clear menstruation are not clear. As a result pain in the eyes, pain in the head, pain in the waist, they should be given to the celery powder with hot milk.


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