Hay Fever, Hay Fever Allergy, Hay Fever Symptoms, Rose Fever, Allergic Fever

Hay Fever Rhinititis Symptoms

Here are the symptoms of hay fever

(Hay Fever Allergy  and Symptoms, Rose Fever, Allergic Fever) 



It is also called Rose Fever, Eczema and (Vasomotor Rhinitis). In this disease, the inner membrane of the nose gets swollen due to allergies (anaphylaxis). Due to which the patient gets a respiratory disease (asthma). And there is difficulty in breathing because of it. Tears start flowing from the eyes. This disease is caused by eating a particular season or a particular food.

This disease is also caused by smelling the fragrance of a particular flower or its pollen in the nose during the spring season. Symptoms of a cat, dog, and parrot hair appear in the human body. Water starts flowing from the nose.

It sneezes, the nostrils of the nose are closed, Eyes turn red and tears start flowing. And the patient has a lot of difficulty in breathing. Hay fever makes you tired, etc. All of the symptoms of Hay fever are found in this disease.

Home Treatment 

Let the patient suck of the beehive with two to four rattis in his mouth and after eating it, these troubles disappear in a very short time. This is a very harmless simple remedy.


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