Harmful Dyspepsia & Its 03 Symptoms
Dyspepsia, Acute Dyspepsia, dyspepsia symptoms

Harmful Dyspepsia & Its 03 Symptoms

Harmful Dyspepsia | Gastric and Internal Diseases

In the acute dyspepsia disease, the release of digestive acid called stomach acid is reduced by the predominance of hydrochloric acid. Meaning that the action of this digestive juice is slowed down.

Due to which there is no appetite, the stomach seems full. Due to slow digestion, food is not well digested. There is a pain in the stomach. The heart beats more, belches again, and again.

Even ordinary food is not digested properly. The head keeps baffling, constipation is also a problem and yellowness comes in the tongue and sputum comes out of the mouth too.

In this disease, even on having a light breakfast, belching occurs.

Chronic Dyspepsia Symptoms

Dermopathy disorder and weakness occur when indigestion becomes chronic (Chronic Dyspepsia).

Due to which heaviness in the head, deodorant gas comes out of the stomach, dizzy head, stomachache, stomach heaviness due to eating a little, etc. causes symptoms.

Sometimes the stomach also swells due to excess gas. The patient always appears depressed, face drooping.

And the patient does not have the desire to work. Because digestibility slows down and there is no appetite at all.

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