Hantavirus Symptoms & Signs | How is curable?
What are the first symptoms of hantavirus, Is the hantavirus curable, How is hantavirus transmitted, How long does it take to show signs of hantavirus, Hantavirus,

Hantavirus Symptoms & Signs | How is curable?

The coronavirus infection, which started in the Wuhan city of China, is spreading rapidly worldwide.
Which is not yet taking the name of pause. Due to which new cases of corona infection are coming up every day in many countries including China, India, America, Italy, etc.
Research is also going on regarding its treatment and vaccine, many of which are also showing positive results.
China, which is most affected by Corona, is currently trying to control it.
Meanwhile, a new virus has once again raised China’s concern.

The name of this new virus is HantaVirus.

Let’s know in detail about this virus: One person has died in China from this virus. The person who died of the Hantavirus in the Chinese province of China was returning by bus to Shandong province.
He was first seen as suffering from the corona.
Later, when the body was brought to the hospital, the investigation revealed that he did not carry the coronavirus.
After this, all the 32 passengers boarded the bus. However, not much information has been found in this matter at the moment.

The person’s death from the Hantavirus was reported by the official newspaper Global Times.
After this, it became a matter of discussion whether the hantavirus is as dangerous as the coronavirus!

Symptoms of Hantavirus

The symptoms of the Hantavirus also correspond to the symptoms of the Coronavirus to a large extent.

What are the first symptoms of hantavirus?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the following symptoms appear when infected with the Hantavirus.

A. The infected person may have trouble breathing.
B. Later symptoms can cause water to accumulate in the lungs.
C. The person has a high fever.
D. This fever can also be above 101 °F.
E. There is pain in the head and body of the infected person.
F. He may have vomiting (vomiting), abdominal pain.
G. The infected person may complain of diarrhea.

How is hantavirus transmitted?

The Hantavirus Rodent, a rat species, is found in its body.
This does not cause disease to the rat, but it can cause human death.
According to the CDC, the virus does not spread through air or breath.
If one person is suffering from this virus then the infection will not spread to another person.
If a person comes in contact with a rat, they are at risk of the Huta virus infection.
The infection can be caused by the rat coming in contact with saliva, sputum, feces or urine, and by touching the eyes, ears or mouth with these hands.

Is the hantavirus curable?

The only way to avoid this is to keep a distance from the mice. Especially avoid the saliva, spit, feces and urine of the rat.
No proper treatment has been revealed at this time.
According to the Free Press Journal report, medical care is needed as soon as infection occurs. Recruiting in the ICU and giving oxygen therapy for respiratory problems can be relieved.

How much danger in India

According to a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus has so far been found only in China and Argentina. In China too, one person has died due to this virus.

According to the CDC, if you stay away from the feces and urine of mice, then there will be no infection of this virus. Its infection does not spread from person to person.
In this context, there is no risk in India right now.

How long does it take to show signs of hantavirus?

Medical experts say that the hantavirus is not as deadly as the coronavirus.
According to a report published on an English website, the hantavirus does not spread through the air, rather it is spread by a person coming into contact with a rat or squirrel.
Laugh virus occurs in mice. There is no disease in mice due to this virus, but humans die due to this virus.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mice indoors and outdoors are at risk of Huta virus infection.


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