Half White Half Pink Nails | 10 Unhealthy Sign
Half White Half Pink Nails

Half White Half Pink Nails | 10 Unhealthy Sign

The disease also explains by your Half White Half Pink Nail

Half White Half Pink Nails
Half White Half Pink Nails Tells About Diseases And Disorders

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The health inspection of any person is not completed until the doctor says no, “open your mouth and show me your tongue”.

But many well-known doctors also say, “Just show your nails” because of half white half pink nails shows something about the disease. Such doctors know that nails are very helpful in informing many serious diseases.

Looking at the nails of hands, the practice of detecting diseases started in ancient times and the then Greek doctor, Hippocrates, has also given advice on nick-inspection for diagnosis.

This practice has been going on since then, but most of us do not know how much important information about our health comes from nails. Let’s consider the information related to the diseases of the nails first, depending on the color variant.

Unhealthy Sign | Half White Half Pink Nails | Fingernail conditions | Nail color change disease | Nail abnormalities

The tip of the nail becomes thick

In it, the nail rises upwardly and turns around the ends of the finger.

The tip of the fingernails is thick – tuberculosis, anaphase ma (Arthritis disease, due to Arthritis deformity, the lungs or any part of the body is flowering), related to cardiovascular and blood veins, inflammation of the large intestine, and wound or cirrhosis (liver disease).

Neel Chandra

Getting on blue on the crescent part of the nails is a sign of the following stages in the body such as defective blood circulation, heart disease, or in the blood veins of fingers and thumb. Which often gets very cold.

But sometimes this is the cause of arthritis, swelling of joints like arthritis, which is called rheumatoid arthritis. There is another reason for this- including skin diseases, which causes the skin to become very red.

Nails like a spoon

In this situation, the nail gets absorbed in the middle and looks like flattened or shiny. Syphilis, the thyroid does not work properly, rheumatic fever, and lack of iron in the body causes such a shape of nails in diseases such as anemia.

Lindsay’s nails

Near the tip of the nails, the half-fingered pink or brown appears and the half-edged side of the root is white.  It is also called half-a-half-nail.  This condition of nails can be a sign of the inferiority of the kidneys for a long time.


Parallel leaks buried across the nails can read due to the lack of nutrients in the food or due to such a rising age. The increase in nails increases temporarily. In these diseases, meshes (measles), mumps (gull), heart attack, and carpal tunnel syndrome are the main.

Terry’s nails

Most of the skin under the nail looks white and all the pink color of the nail gets compressed in a line near the tip of the nail. Seeing such nails reveals that the person has symptoms of cirrhosis disease.

Yellow Nail Disease

In it, the nails grow slowly and become thick and very hard. And they start to look yellowish or green. The cause may be chronic respiratory diseases, thyroid, or lymphatic diseases.

Swirling Hemorrhage

The long red stripes on the nails indicate the bleeding from the blood vessel micro-nerves. If there are many such strips on the nails, then it is found that the person has severe blood pressure disease or skin disease or the heart’s membrane is a victim of any contagion.

This situation can be very dangerous to live in.

Uneven Pitfall

Many caterpillars are found in the nails of many people suffering from skin diseases.

In it, pits fall on the nails like bronze pottery. This condition of nails is sometimes caused by baldness. This autoimmune disease has not been fully understood, because all the hair in the head flies or falls somewhere.

Brown or Black Spots

These spots are spread on the skin around the nails, especially the nails, they report the skin or the malignant neoplasm of the eye. It can be such a big blot or even small spots. These spots are usually on the arms and toes.

Nails protect the nostalgic ends of our fingers. It helps in the feeling of touch and catch or handle small things.

From the point of view of chemical composition, our nails are mostly keratin protein, mostly in the form of hair. Sulfur is more in this protein.

The upper membrane of the nails does not allow us to cause dust, germs, and irritation, etc. to reach sensitive cells located in the base below.

There is a large amount of blood flow in the skin under the nail. It has a network of microscopic hair follicles. For this reason, nails appear pinkish.

Did You Know?

  • Nails increase from 0.5 millimeters to 1.2 millimeters on average throughout the week.

Hand nails that grow 4 times faster than feet nails.

  • Postcron diet is essential for the normal growth of nails.  Nails gradually increase in case of absence of appetite due to the abnormal mental condition due to lack of nutrients in the food.

Due to this, the slabs are crossed across the nails, which are called “Bo-line”. Due to lack of nutrients in food, the nails get stiff and their layer breaks down.

  • Nail polish ends with nails. Nail polish can dry nails with chemical cleaners and can be breakers.

Another reason for the tightening of the nails is to stay close to the nails with the chemical solutions that evaporate during a business.

  • If the body and blood circulation is not good, the nails grow gradually and become thick hard and yellow spots.

Such nails can also be of those suffering from diabetes and heart disease. Sometimes the base of nails starts to look blue due to lack of oxygen.

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The unnatural things that often appear in the nails have been described above. It can inform your doctor about any serious disease.

So, look at your nails carefully, maybe they (half white half pink nails) to are anxious to inform you about your health.

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