Google Maps now shows you where the fastest chargers are for your electric vehicle

Google Maps now shows you where the fastest chargers are for your electric vehicle

“Google Maps now displays the fastest charging points for your electric vehicle.”

Google Maps: It’s also rolling out Live View in select places and wheelchair-accessible filters around the world.

Google Maps can be used to get around on foot, by public transit, or by car. You’ll need to stop every now and again to refuel your car or recharge it if you choose the second option. This isn’t an issue for petrol-powered cars but EV charging suffers from different speeds. Google Maps allows you to quickly filter out slow chargers, which can help reduce the time it takes to charge. Maps are also launching its new Search with Live View for pedestrians in limited places and expanding its wheelchair-accessible layer internationally.

Google has announced new EV charging filtering options. Instead of digging down to the “more filters”, you can click the new “fast charger” filter below the search bar. This will allow you to locate the fastest options, which are faster than 50kW. You can also filter stations that are compatible with your charging plug. These options are available for Android and iOS anywhere there is an EV charging station.

Search with Live View will launch shortly after. It was announced first in September. The new feature is located inside Live View. It allows you to navigate easier by overlaying your route on an AR live view. This AR view shows you the world around you. This mode can be accessed via the search bar. Search with Live View allows you to search key locations within Live View. It allows you to find nearby ATMs, cafés, restaurants, apparel, and other services. You can then navigate easily on foot to these places. In the next few weeks, this feature will be available on both Android (and iOS) in London, Los Angeles, and New York.

After years of collecting data on wheelchair-accessible venues, Google is also rolling out its accessible places layer worldwide today. You can turn it on in the Google Map’s settings. After that, the business will be either wheelchair accessible or inaccessible. Google encourages users to continue marking businesses as wheelchair-friendly as they find them. This is data that the company uses to display this layer.

Google Maps keeps improving with these new features. You can find them in the app if you aren’t using the most recent version. You might need patience, as Google is rolling out them in stages.

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