Google Ads Not Showing | 03 Website Foul
Google Ads Not Showing 03 Website Problems

Google Ads Not Showing | 03 Website Foul

Google Ads Not Showing On My WordPress Website

Hello friends, in this article we will discuss some topics like Google Ads Not Showing on WordPress, Adsense ads showing blank, Adsense ads not showing on some pages, AdSense approved but ads not showing, Adsense auto ads not showing, Adsense ads stopped showing.

So, There can be a lot of reasons

The first reason- that is the speed of the web slowing down.

This is very important. This is mostly on “WordPress”.   Using more plugins also slows the website down. Try using the necessary plugin. If you have an account of “Google Adsense“. Correct all your details. First of all, this may be a Reason.

The second Reason for Google Ads Not Showing

Rejecting or closing your website from the search engine

Talk about the website speed, so you have to understand what happens when you increase the speed?

You all know that you will be using a cache cleaner or any other plugin for increasing the load time of the site. He shortens Java scripts quite a bit in the background. Then the loading speed increases.’

Friends, In the whirl of the website speed, the code of AdSense which you have the pasted in the head of your theme is also minimized or removes. There is also another region, which was on this website. I updated the theme of this website. Updating the theme can also remove the ad code. Then I did paste the code again and the ads started to come.

My opinion is that you already compress the images and use a plugin; Whose name is SEMrush. It compresses the images automatically. If you use at least the plugin, it is much better.

In the real world, there is a realization of the situation, that is- Heavy content on the website.

Because the page time is high the user does not come. Because the user wants us to get the website that loads quickly.

Because of this, Google does not have to make ads show. If you do not have a user, then what is the advantage of having ads show or not?

Let’s talk about the general website, which does not show ads. So this is the reason, that you do not share more and more links on social sites.  By doing this, your link goes to the spam category. The social sites do not like it at all. And they give him the name of spam.

Due to this your website also gets threatened. And Google robot team also thinks this is spam. So that does not let the ads show on the site. If you are not doing this then you can contact the Hosting Provider for help.

I hope your problem (Google Ads Not Showing) will be solved..!

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