Glaucoma disease if you affected?
Glaucoma, Open-Angle Glaucoma, Acute Glaucoma, Types of Glaucoma, Cornea glaucoma

Glaucoma disease if you affected?

It can happen if you have Glaucoma?

(Glaucoma, Open-Angle Glaucoma, Acute Glaucoma, Types of Glaucoma, Cornea glaucoma)


Green Cataract Glaucoma

In this disease, the pupils of the eyes become green. The fluid is formed inside the lobe of the eyes but his exploitation is less. In this way, the lump of the eye becomes hard due to the accumulation of more liquid in the lump.

Sometimes, at the beginning of the disease, it gets dark in front of the eyes. The patient sees a colorful circle around the light of an electric bulb or a candle.

The vision keeps decreasing day by day. Patients with chronic constipation, arthritis (joint pain and inflammation), heart weakness are more prone to this disease. Many would have this disease after having other eye diseases.

There are two types of this disease.

1- Acute glaucoma

Redness in the eyes at this stage, Water released from eyes, Stiffening of the eyeballs, Symptoms are caused by dilation of pupils. The pupils appear blurred. The patient has severe pain like tearing of head, legs, and eyes. If the deficiency goes away, it happens again sometime.

Many patients have pain in the eyes and shoulders so acute that their vision is completely lost. The patient has vomiting, severe pain in the head and fever ends with vision. Mostly, this disease occurs in one eye, but sometimes in both eyes, this disease occurs.

There are also examples that the patient slept well at night. In the night, the eyes opened up with constriction and eye pain and by morning he became blind.

2- Old Green Cataract (Chronic Glaucoma)

There is less pain or no pain at all, but the vision gradually decreases. The patient sees perfectly fine in bright light, but the evening and morning time are less visible.

The pupil shrinks and the blurred pan grows. The patient cannot see nearby objects. If you have these symptoms, see an eye hospital or eye specialist.


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