black glaucoma, glaucoma, glaucoma symptoms, glaucoma causes, signs of glaucoma

Glaucoma Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma in  Children & Adults-

black glaucoma, glaucoma, glaucoma symptoms, glaucoma causes, signs of glaucoma
Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma

[Glaucoma, Glaucoma symptoms, Glaucoma causes and signs of its]

The worst-known disease in all the eyes of the eyes is “black glaucoma”, due to being unaware of it, the person quickly loses his eyesight and becomes blind.  This disease is very different from cataract, although cataract is also a cause of loss of sight.

Signs of Glaucoma

But it is due to the fog of the eye, which prevents the coming of light in the eye, while the situation generated due to the increased pressure on eyeball files, gloom or black or blue Caleta.

Water fluid is found in the general eyes that remains bite without the necklace. The living water is maintained in the normal range of pressure. This water fresh maintains shape and work capacity.

If any of the small tricks, from which it fluid out, it leads to the pressure, the pressure increases in the state, the eye becomes rude, in the same way, the blender of the airline loaded soccer is rude due to more pressure.

Eye Pressure Symptoms

This increased pressure can destroy the delicate parts of the eye, which are responsible for normal functions of the eye. The optic filaments fall on the round cyclic point, which is called optic discs.

Here all the nervous systems are assembled.  Chakra looks like whitewash and looks like a deep cup.  Initially, the patient of black cataract can look at the object directly and see it normally.

But his vision limit is very low.  Normally the patient can look up to 15 degrees upward and up to 75 degrees, up to 65 degrees in the internal direction and 75 degrees in the previous direction.

But the limitations of viewing in black glaucoma diseases are very less.  This is the reason that the patient can not see well in the evening and falls down stumbled by the object that comes in his way.

Generally, this disease occurs only in the above 35 years.  But this can happen even at a younger age.  Black can divide the cataract into both congenital and acquired parts.

The first is the primary black cataract that does not know the cause of the faulty canal.

The second is the secondary black glaucoma in which the cause of such obstruction becomes known.

The congenital black cataract is usually done at a young age.  At this age, this disease may appear due to congenital defects at the angle of the anterior chamber.

In the second stage, it is caused due to metabolic disorders in the eyes of the eye or in acute or long-term irritation, accidental injury to the eye and diseases like diabetes.

Fixation and ID Defense Mechanism

Initial symptoms

  1. In the dark or after seeing movies or television, there is a slight pain in the eyes.
  2. Especially when in the morning or in the night, the color and hollow chakras appear around the light.
  3. The eye becomes blurred and recoils in a little while.
  4. Headache in the head.
  5. Seeing late in low light.
  6. Lack of direction vision
  7. To read and work closely, the glasses have to be changed repeatedly.


Eye care can be destroyed due to the negligence of black cataracts.  Having the above symptoms can help prevent blindness from taking proper medical advice.

In the early stages of the disease, it is possible to treat medicines.  The purpose of medicinal therapy is to reduce water flow inside the eye and make its flowing tubes more efficient.

Operation is the only solution in the greater state of the disease, which can reduce the pressure.

The objective of the operation is to arrange the artificial waterway for the development of water fluids so that the excess of water fluid due to the ruddy veins can be reduced.

There are some medicines in homeopathic medicine that are very beneficial in this disease. There is nothing to worry about, at the right time, you must consult the doctor and at the right time, you must consult the doctor.  There are some abstinence for this that we must adopt as absolutely

The patient of black cataract should not eat tea or coffee at all.  Only drink water in small amounts. Stomach foods etc have to be avoided due to more mental and physical labor. The bright light is harmful.  Therefore, it is beneficial for a patient to wear colorful glasses. Eye-work and massage also proved helpful in the liberation of this disease.

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– Narendra Singh

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