Get Google AdSense Approval Best Way 2020
Get Google AdSense Approval Best Way 2020

Get Google AdSense Approval Best Way 2020

How To Approve Adsense Fast | Approved Google Adsense Account Needed

Due to the lockdown in the world, many people want to know how to earn money sitting at home. Consider if you can earn money by staying at home, that too by working online. It’s important to know how to get google AdSense approval…

Just like you can upload videos on Google’s platform, you can do freelancing work on any site online, if you have some knowledge of software, you can also make mobile or computer software and there are many ways that you can make money online. Can earn Apart from all this, there is a simple method that comes in blogging.

This is an easy way to easily earn large amounts of money. There are many ways to earn money from blogging, out of which you can do Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Post, Sponsored Ad, By giving backlink or any other way.

But Adsense is an easy way that you can earn money easily. It is very easy to use.

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But before using Google Adsense for your site, you have to get permission from your Adsense. Only then you can earn money by showing Google’s ads on your site. Many people face the problem that they do not get permission to advertise. Due to which the bloggers get frustrated and start thinking of stopping their work.

What Is The Reason For Not Getting Permission, For Google Adsense Approval?

Get Google AdSense Approval Best Way 2020
Get Google AdSense Approval Best Way 2020

You believe that taking Approval of Adsense is very easy, there is no problem in it. You can take approval of adsense very easily.

Today, I will share with you some tips that you can easily follow and take approval of Google adsense for your blog.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

If you are a new blogger. So you can get your site approved for adsense by rectifying the faults of your site. Whatever things I will tell you, I have told all the things from my experience of adsense approval so far.

Domain Age Is One Month

By the way, there is no official rule of Google that the age of your blog domain should be more. But according to my experience, your site must be one month old. But if you are submitting any domain for Google Adsense, then keep in mind that it is at least a month old.

But sometimes Google Adsense allows 10 days old domains as well, or even older domains almost give approval.

Write Quality Content Only

If you write illegal, dangerous, or insulting content and many other things on your blog, then you will not get the Google AdSense approval. You can get information about all such things from this article.

It is also not known how much content should be minimum for taking Approval of Adsense. But according to the experience of me and others, if there should be minimum of 25 posts on your blog, which should be 1000 words or slightly less.

You should also keep in mind that your content is unique. If your content is not unique then it will be considered copyrighted due to which you will not be given adsense approval.

The content quality of your blog should be good and your content follows the policies of Adsense’s Google publisher policies.

You can check your blog’s plagiarism from any site online.

Must Use Image In the Blog Post

In addition to the feature image in the blog post of your blog, use the image inside the post. If you will not use the image then you may have some difficulty in getting Adsense permission from it.

You can use it for your blog by downloading copyright-free images from Pixels, Pixabay, or other sites and editing in Canava Website.

Do Not Use Copyrighted Content At All.

Write your article yourself. Do not copy past the article from any other site. If you do this, you will never get the Google Adsense Approval.

People start putting their minds in this and they translate and use the content. Or copying content from many sites and writing articles. No one is going to benefit from it. On the contrary, your leg will be your loss.

Instead of benefiting from this, your site’s Spam Score will only increase. By the way, it is very difficult that if you do this, you will get the approval of Adsense but if you get it. Still, Your Blog Won’t Rank

If you do not do any wrong thing in the beginning and when you get Approval of Adsense and you do not follow Google’s policies, then your Adsense can be closed at any time. And Google can also penalize your blog.

Create A Social Media Account Too

You can create as many social site profiles for your blog so that you get some traffic. You must create an account mainly on Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Mix, and Twitter. After this, put the profile link on your blog website.

Although there is no special need, but it can definitely help in bringing traffic.

Create These Important Pages

You have to make important pages for your blog. You have to create 5 pages for your blog which are

About Us – On this page, you have to give some information about yourself and your blog.

Contact Us – To contact you in this, you need to give your contact details.

Disclaimer – This page contains information about your blog by doing that. You can generate it with the help of Tools.

Privacy – You can also generate this page with the help of Online Tool.

Cookie Policy – If you use people’s information for anything, then it is important for you to create this page. If you send an email to Logan or track people with Google Analytics, you need to create this page. You can generate it online.

Redirect Your Domain

If your blog is “”, then make sure that it redirects from to because you are getting plus point in google AdSense approval.

If you follow all these tricks, you will get the Google Adsense approval very easily.

Do Not Use Other Ad Network, If…

People initially start using other Ad networks. The only reason for choosing these ad networks is that Adsense’s Approval is not available.

You can use these Ad networks, there is no problem with this, but when you apply your site for Adsense, then you remove its ads for a short time.

When third-party ads used to set up in the site, then it is definitely checked whether it is compatible with Google ADS or not.

If you place any other Ad Network’s Ads on your site during approval, you will not get the Google Adsense approval.

Do Not Choose The Free Domain Name, Choose The Best

Whenever you buy a domain name, You can buy only the top-level domain because the domain name of the site matters a lot for the Google Adsense Approval. You can use .com, .in, .net or other domains for your site.

If you use this domain, you will get Adsense’s Approval quickly and easily. With this, your site will also rank in Google and you can also earn money from Adsense.

If you use .ml, .tk, .xyz, etc. domain names instead, you will get Approval but after much hard work. These low-level domains will not rank in Google search. Due to this, traffic will not come.

If you are using then you will not have any problem in taking Approval of Adsense. But there is also a problem with traffic. With which you will not be able to earn much.

External linking (fast approval tips for AdSense)

Do external linking, but any website you are giving backlinks to. He will have to be thoroughly investigated. Also, check the domain authority & page authority of that website.

User Friendly Design To Get Google Adsense Approval

You also have to pay attention to your site user-friendly design. Add widgets and image only because it affects your site’s loading speed Your site’s loading speed should be fast.

You can also check the loading speed of your website. For this, you will try typing the website speed in Google search. So many sites will be visible, by visiting any of the first sites, you can check by putting a link to your blog website.

So here we have information about Google AdSense approval. If you follow the above-mentioned things, then you will definitely get AdSense permission. With which you can earn handsome money sitting at home.

Google AdSense Approval Guidelines

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