Gastritis Symptoms And Causes

Gastritis Symptoms And Causes

Gastric inflammation, Fetus inflammation

Gastritis Causes

Poisons, acids, stools, burning foods substances, etc. these are the causes of gastritis.

Due to enmity, feeding and mixing with food, eating undercooked or raw and solid fruits, rotten meat, fish, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, toddy, tea etc. causes redness in the inner membrane of the stomach.

Gastritis Symptoms

In this gastric membrane, there is intense burning and pain, sour belching, heaviness in the abdominal area, loss of appetite, nausea, chest irritation and abdominal pain.

There is also a lot of constipation in this disease. Phlegm and bile are excreted in the lungs.

Note: Excessive use or use of aspirin also causes gastritis.

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