Gastric Acidity | 05 Big Causes & Symptoms
Gastric Acidity - Causes And Symptoms -

Gastric Acidity | 05 Big Causes & Symptoms

Gastric Causes and symptoms of Acidity

Gastric acidity problem occurs, When more use of red chili and brisk foods, carbohydrates, fat, raw or undercooked meat, sour pickles, etc., tooth decay, If you do not chew the food properly; Due to these reasons, gastric gets agitated due to poor digestion of food.

Due to which a quantity of juice called hydrochloric is formed in the stomach.

As a result, sour belching comes again and again. Sour water gets filled in the mouth and gas like foam is mixed in it.

Taste of mouth worsens. Irritation in the chest, pain in the stomach, and pain in the navel region, Irritation, and irritation arise also.

Sometimes pain and cramps occur due to such intense gas in the patient’s stomach at night.

Due to which (gastric acidity) the patient does not sleep and diarrhea also occurs. In this, the patient does not feel hungry, but he feels very bitter.

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