Foreign body in the nose

Foreign Body in Nose | Symptoms & Causes

What happens if you get tissue stuck up your nose?

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Children, while playing, put peas, grams, gray, pencil, small pill, hair (pellets), etc. in the nose. If they are not removed, it can cause sores in the nose and rot in the nose.

How do I get something out of my toddler’s nose?

Home Treatment

1. The nose in which there is an object, by closing the second nostril and exhaling very loudly, that object would come out.

2. Close the nostril with the nostril in the opposite. After that, by fast sneezing, the object gets out early.

3. Grind mustard seeds in hot water or salt solution and feed the baby. At the time of vomiting, doctors close the mouth of the child with his hands. When all the vomit comes out loud from the nasal cavity, the object will come out automatically.

4. By moving the front section of the Fernande Remover Curette to the rear of the object, press the folded part of the device down and pull the object out of it.


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