Eat Mud/Sand Is Too Risky | Pica Syndrome
Pica syndrome, Eating dirt disorder, Pago phagia, What causes ice cravings, Iron deficiency eating ice, Paint eater, craving ice during pregnancy

Eat Mud/Sand Is Too Risky | Pica Syndrome

What Causes Ice Cravings and Pica Syndrome

(We will discuss Pica syndrome, Eating dirt disorder, Pago phagia, What causes ice cravings, Iron deficiency eating ice, Paint eater, craving ice during pregnancy)

Such people are also found around the world. Like the Nilkanth, the junk around the world i.e. unheeded. Such as clay, chalk, chalk, light, plaster, mud’s pot, pitcher, jar and pieces of the jar, etc.

All these things many people taste and digest. Some people start eating the ice piece, then eat and eat. Many people even pebbles are digested. In this way, the taste distortion is born.

According to the psychiatrist association, all such people, who eat non-inedible material for a month or more, with a chat.

He suffers from a disease that is not fully understood yet. In medical terminology, this disease is called pica. Almost all continents have pica patients. Around the entire continent of Africa, America, some parts of Asia and some people in Australia have been found to be gripped.

This habit has been observed in adults too. Children have also been seen in inedible material accounts. Those who were not suffering from nutrition or malnutrition i.e. their dose was full of nutritious elements. He was also found involved in this disease.

Often pregnant women and underprivileged children lack iron deficiency, the blood becomes less. The number of red blood cells in the blood decreases. Almost half of these are victims of pica.

25 percent of people suffering from it regularly eat snow. Half percent of people who eat more ice suffer from “Pega phobia”.

Many of these people have been seen in the grip of “food pica”. After consuming only 15 days of iron-rich tablets, these people left the ice to eat. Iron therapy has a magic effect on patients of “Pega phobia”. Can say that pica is the result of iron deficiency.

The root cause of the pica could not be understood yet. Probably maybe some psychological reasons, even physical and emotional causes cannot be denied. The lack of natural attachment between the mother and the baby can also bring the child to the “pica syndrome”.

Mental depression of the mother, suffering from depression, giving birth to every depressed full view of life, being inclined to suffer from inferiority, can make herself unnecessarily by every means herself, pushing the infant to “pica syndrome”… Stress levels have been seen more than normal children in children with pica. For one and a half years children of 6 years have been seen with pica.

If an inedible material is eaten by an 18-month-old infant, then there is an inauspicious sign of health. Here, there are psychological disorders and other problems in the form of Bhaji “Coprophagia”. There is nothing to do with “pica syndrome”. The most special type of generation of Pica is that of an orphanage. 75% of the children suffering from pica, which are 2 or 3 years old, are seen as smooth clay, mud, sand, sand, mutt pieces, etc.

Children of 6 or 7 age group, who have seen accounts such as distemper, land plaster, coal, chalk, ash, candle, soap, paper, incense, and cement, etc. In which often the outbreak of parasitism has been observed. All these children were round worn in their stomach, earthworms, etc. and tapeworms were frozen.

It is often seen that the second and the subsequent prosperity of India’s middle and lower-class families are more likely to be afflicted by the pica. 9 percent of such children have been seen in Pica. Whose parents also suffered from childhood in childhood. The mothers of 37 percent of the girls said that even during pregnancy, they have been eating non-edible substances regularly for a long time.

Pica seen in a study on children suffering from pica in India has more or less related to the behavior, temperament, habits of children. Under this study, 33 percent of children have seen scoundrel. Things that used to bother about 18 percent of children started grinding teeth when they got angry, some children used to sit in the air and sometimes they were seen in such a grip as they used to get into the grip of attacks.

In a study concluded in 1982, it is common for children with pica and lack of parasitic infections, behavioral abnormalities, vitamins, and mineral salts are common. Lead stucco, pancreatic infants are at risk of dangerous lead poisoning, development of muscle molecules.

Even the phaliz can be uprooted. There is often a serious hindrance in the intestines of people who eat “hair” and peeling stones. A bunch of hair or swollen pebbles targets the small intestines of these children. The result is a terrible abdomen, nausea, loss of appetite, and constipation.

Suffering from “Geophagia”, the abundance of potassium in children can dampen the functioning of the kidneys over time. Changes in the surroundings of the pica children can become an easy way to get rid of pica. In the house where there is no plaster or distemper on the walls, its walls will snatch the walls. Who will be “Pegophagia” in the house where there is no refrigerator or ice cream?

There should be regular checkups of the blood about children eating dirt or not. The lack of iron elements can cause “pica syndrome”. Under the substrate therapy, tasting of the tissues of the children is overcome by lightning shocks, noise, and vomiting, mud-borne medicines.

The biggest thing is that the father and father relationship with the children should not only nurture but also an emotional dose.

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